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Adventure idea

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I post my question also here, because the 2ed forum seems to be pretty dead right now.


I'd like to share my adventure idea here. It is fit to any fantasy world, but I'm planning it to WFRP. I'd like to hear your ideas about it cuz I want to make an adventure out of it.

The scenario is a part of a greater campaign. The characters are in Sylvania and arrives to a dark, eery wood, with skeleton like trees, constant mist, etc. They arrive to a great tree, that holds a cursed elf's soul entrapped. He holds the information the players seek, but in exchange he ask them to retreive his body from the woods so he could free himself again. But he warns them with a mysterius poem (there will be information in the poem regarding the scenario, later about that.)

The characters venture deep into the woods, but it's so dark, thick that tey cannot find a way out, they make circles constantly.

At the first night, when they set a camp a pack of wolves appear and attack them. Half of the party is sleeping and cannot be awaken. In fact the sleepers are dreaming, they dream that they are wolves and attack travellers. The truth is, that they control some of the wolves of the pack, but they shouldn't be aware of it as they sense only instincts.

At the second night the roles changes. The pack of wolves come, but they do not attack just stares to the party as the other half of the characters are controlled by the wolves. They act strange, snarls, roars and tries to lead, frighten animals (like horse, mule) to the pack to provide food to them. The characters remember nothing of it, or they dream that they are wolves.

This continues on every forthcoming night, until they realize the way out or... die...

I think the only way out would be: Only the dwellers of the forest know a way out of it (this is one info what would be included in the elf's poem in some mysterious way). When controlling a wolf the characters should realize this. The wolves are able to communicate with each other in an "animal way", they could persuade the pack leader somehow to lead the pack out of the forest (maybe a duel between wolves would be needed first... why would a simple wolf just order the pack leader around at all?), then the wolf need to raise the attention of his party to follow the pack, which is probably not going to be an easy task being a wild, frightening animal.

There are several options I was thinking about:

Option 1: Maybe the sleepers (controllers of wolves) could be awaken one way, like cutting them with a silver weapon (usually good against wolves). That's an information the elf's poem should include. That would make the controlled wolf to retreat or disappear. Too much cutting would not do too much good because the only way out is only in wolf form and of course too much cutting makes too much blood which will attract the wolves (another info the elf's poem could include)

Option 2: It would be interesting if each night a party member would disappear (or remain asleep). The character turned into wolf and is with the pack permanently (or at least until they solve the mystery.) He/she can freely communicate with the pack all the time, but would take a harder time to communicate with his/her adventuring party.

Option 3: Changes role. The wolf's soul remains in the character's body who acts strangely, needed to tie his limbs and such.

Option 4: Maybe there could be a doom wolf living in the forest, who threathens the wolves and could be only killed by silver weapons, so the wolves cannot finish it off. Maybe to lead the group out of the forest they must make a "deal" with the characters somehow to help them to purge the doom wolf from the forest, then they'll lead them out.

These options of course can appear in every combination.

This is not a very clear idea thought and I need some further idea to make a real scenario out of it. So do you have any ideas?

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