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Dark Olympian

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I've been thinking of making a card list for a while, for a deck I wanted to try. I'm trying to build a bit of a JoaT, but more about WR than Aggro. I need suggestions. Here's what I've come up with so far:



Dark Riku



Lock x ?

Shock x ?

Barrel x ?

Black Fungus x 3

Bouncywild x 3



Olympia x ?



Soul Eater x ?

Oblivion x 1

Ultima Weapon x 1



Olympus Coliseum lvl 1 (L&D) x 3

Olympus Coliseum lvl 2 (BoD) x 3

Olympus Coliseum lvl 3 x 3

End of the World lvl 2 (BoD) x ?


Cards I've been considering:

Dragon Maleficent



Oogie Boogie


The (?) mean I don't know how many of these I should get. Suggestions would be very appreciated.  If there's room left, it will be filled with BoD Shadows.

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