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What Would you Like Changed In the Game?

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Well it didn't take much playtesting for this rule to need adjustment as it does not in the above state prevent the kind of scenario that the Doc pointed out.  


Here is the revised rule

"Any character armed with a weapon which is capable of a counter attack may spend 1 VP as his/her action phase to become counterattack ready - CR

CR can be activated whenever any enemy figure enters or moves onto the same path as the figure with the counter. For each circle entered first the defender (the figure with CR) then the attacker can announce an attack. If Either player announces an attack the opposing player can, but is not required to, announce a simultaneous attack.


If the CR decides to fire – there are one of two options

a) use normal combat including modifiers and lose CR status
b) use lowest printed combat value (which can only be modified by on the board status and nothing else    ie smoke, certain combat circles etc) and retain CR status

in any case the CR player may only fire at each individual attacker once. The moving player is allowed only one attack as usual."

I'll try this out and report back



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In the very most games I playes Barrys guns and Frags are rarely used, if at all.

Really ? yikes . You need his gun + battery for the instakill on 9 and 10 . I'd imagine the Reich win all your games . If you're not utilizing his weapon at all and the Union is winning then your opponent playing the Reich needs to sharpen his skills a bit .

As for frag grenades , I love moving up , tossing a frag at a target ( or two ) , then back out is a great way to weaken the opponents . Even if the shock prevents damage the frag gets one unblockable hit anyways , and sure it may not kill the intended target but it can force the opponent to use up their valuable VP's to heal .

Honestly , rethink your approach to 'nades and Barry in general :) .





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The Sundance Kid said:


Bull Rush - No action required

Grenade - Can be thrown on a occupied spot

Yula- fix her stats up a bit she is quite weak in my opinion

smaller flash machine guns - I'm OK with Brown having the ultimate killy gun, but half the union has them. Maybe something if you roll a 10 it does 1 additional hit?


Agreed with all your points Sundance . My buddy and I frowned at some of the instakill abilities and how many times one of us said " hmm , that sucked I didn't even get to use him/her " . So we were thinking that the 10's ( 9 and 10 for Barry ) if not met with a 10 in shock , would constitute a ' double damage ' idea ( anyone remember the natural '20' double damage in D&D?) . Now that can lead to a high damaging hit anyways but the kill isnt instant and can lead to , like I said before to URD , you forcing your opponent to play and use up their VP's to keep the target alive . Any hits resulting in odd # of successes are rounded up . If a 10 is rolled in shock then the combat follows normal procedure and the double damage is cancelled . All of these points apply to Eva's Strafe too .

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