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Please everyone who for sure knows (no conjecture, therories opinions etc. What is included in the new edition, how the mechanics work, etc.

Please Consolidate all posted facts about the game here for easy finding.

No comments in this thread plz only facts. From witnesses at gen con, insiders etc.

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Nice idea for a thread.

I've been searching for data in the many rant threads but to almost no avail.

Unfortunately, by the time FFG dishes more info,  this thread will be long forgotten.

Unless people like me post once in a while, just saying that they are still waiting... for hard data.

FFG, we need to know if we should be saving money !


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You know, if you go down a few posts (well maybe more now) you can see pictures of the stuff that was posted in multiple threads and see some of it for yourself.  There are also stuff that summarizes the big points from the GenCon lectures in the community stuff.

However, asking for out and out information from people probably restricted by NDA's may not provide tons of information.  Then again maybe someone will break the NDA and give us the entire lowdown?

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Here is some information from playtesters and from Gen Con taken from this forum and Strike to stun. It should be well known by now.


A poster named Erifnogard posted this at RPGnet. I'm passing this along because it sounds awesome!

ERIFNOGARD: Ok, some highlights from the seminar at Gen Conn. Not too detailed as I'm posting from my phone.
One: there is nothing stopping you from running any size group you want from the core box. The Adventure Pack adds some additional career cards and some spare dice but the core comes with around 30 career cards as it is. Sure you might not have the nifty storage box for more than 3 characters, but just use an envelope or note what cards you need to pull next time. Additionally you could just transfer the info from the cards to your character sheet.
Two: they are doing some really cool stuff with the cards, they're not just there for the heck of it. The cards actually get rid of the need for a lot of the charts. For example when you take a wound you pull a wound card and place it face down in front of you. If at some point you are critted, just flip your top wound card over and there is the crit. Insanity is also handled like this with an Insanity deck.
Three: The party has a character sheet! Their is a fortune pool for the party and a party tension tracker that has some fatigue effects as party tension ratchets up in play. This stress is added based purely on the GMs observation of the party's roleplaying. Also characters can tag some of their abilities to the party for the benefit of all.
Four: every character has a "Stance" track with a conservative side and a reckless side to it that affects all their abilities and spells that they use based on which side of the track they are currently choosing to be on (and yes you can change which stance you are in often - usually every round). Different careers have different amounts of conservative vs reckless on their track and how far out on on one side or the other you currently are will have a greater affect on how things work out. It should be noted that all abilities and all spells have both a conservative and an aggressive version which have their own bnefits and drawbacks and they are handily summarized on opposite sides of their cards.
Five: The dice are integral to the whole system. You have dice for your ability. You swap some of those out for dice that represent your aggressive or conservative stance. Instead of modifiers for circumstances or tactics you add fortune or misfortune dice. There are a few other types that account for some other factors. Making the dice pools is going to be incredibly easy as you form your initial pool by reading right off the character sheet and the fortune/misfortune dice are given out by the gm as he describes the circumstances and you describe what you are doing and any tactics.
Six: This is not either a board game or a miniature game and does not require either a map or miniatures any more than current WFRP does.
Seven: The reason the careers are on cards is so that as more careers are added you just slip them in the career deck and have them all in one place rather than scattered over multiple books and supplements. Ditto for ability cards and spell cards.
Eight: Character generation - first you choose your race, then you draw three career cards and choose one. Or if you want to play hardcore you draw only one career and suck it up. Or (if you are a hippy, tree hugging elf - my words not theirs) you could just choose a career. Careers function very much like now with advances and skills. If you choose to leave your career without 'completing' it (i.e. take a certain number of your advances and skills) then you don't keep your career's special bonus. If you do complete your career you keep the special from your career. For the ratcatcher this would be the small but vicious dog (who apparently has his own abilities and is essentially your little, and vicious, minion). Note that you can still choose to buy skills not in your current career for a premium with gm approval.
I'll add more if I can remember it.



Just returned home from GenCon with the lowdown on WFRP 3rd Edition.
I attended the FFG WFRP Seminar presented by Jay Little. Jay explained a lot about the new edition and I wanted to set the record straight about some of the game's misconceptions.
I 'm sure FFG will post more info later, but I will try to describe as much as I can remember (it's been a long, long day).
1. WFRP 3 is NOT a boardgame in any shape or form. It's as much an rpg as 1st or 2nd edition if not more more so. It definetly has the potential to be more narrative than both of them.
2. The dice pool is a way to add in modifiers (both bad & good), your attributes, and skills to test whether you suceed or not. This will virtually do away with looking up charts in the rulebook.
3. The career system is Still in 3rd edition. Jay didn't elaborate too much, but mentioned it is very similar to what we are used to. Each player has a career card that sits next to your character sheet and is used during play. Again this cuts down on flipping through the rulebook for information.
4. Halflings WILL be introduced in a later supplement, as well as possibly other races.
5. New careers will be introduced in future supplements, beginning with The Adventurer's Toolkit Expansion which will be released around the same time as the main rules. This expansion will add 10 new careers, more character sheets, etc. This pack will also allow you to expand the number of players beyond the base four that the main rules allows.
6. There will be a campaign set coming out in the not too distant future. Not much info though. There will possibly be adventure expansions as well.
7. The critical hits tables will be in there as well. They have been revised for this new system. They will be lethal, but you will have the option to flee rather than die (if you so choose).
8. Magic will have extra dice used for the dice pool, and these dice will be bad news if the magic user roll chaos symbols on these dice when casting spells.
9. There will possibly be a Ruinous Powers expansion sometime down the line.
10. The new system uses a new concept of stances for when your character wants to do something. Basically you either are very cautious when attempting something or more aggressive, bold. Each have their benefits and drawbacks. Career special ability cards are two sided and have stats and abilities for cautious on one side and bold on the other.
If I were not so exhausted from the day I would try to go more in depth. I'll try to later if I can. From what Jay explained and seeing the core set on display at the FFG site, I believe this will be a great game. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think if you keep an open mind you may be pleasently suprised.
I do believe that WFRP 3 will facilitate more narrative roleplaying, and less book flipping. I can't wait to try it when it is released.
BTW, I am a long time WFRP player and have been around since the very beginning. I love WFRP 1st & 2nd editions, but I was really impressed with the new game.


EDIT: just spotted this post over on, by Lizard:

Y'know, since the dice are all standard shapes, you could just use regular dice and a little chart where 1=Symbol A, 2=Symbol B, etc. I mean, I ran SOTC and I didn't have enough FUDGE dice so we just used D6 where 1-2="+", 3-4=" ", and so on.

I've never understood the meme where cool components==ripoff. We played D&D 3.x for years without "official" minis -- we used lego, coins, Reaper or Ral Patha figures, and all of the above. It wasn't like the WOTC ninjas were going to kill us if we didn't use Official Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures.

Most of the "hybrid boardgame" items in the box are simply tools by which the normal rules of a typical tabletop RPG are made easier to read, find, and access in play. Writing your spells on index cards in D&D (any edition) doesn't make D&D a boardgame. Pretty much the same thing is happening here.

Disclosure: I've done some writing for WHFRP 3e. Because of ongoing NDA, I'm not sure what I can discuss or not, but I can say, it's not a boardgame, or a hybrid boardgame, or anything like the sort. It's actually more abstract and narrative than WHFRP 2e, and way more so than D&D 4e. Anyone who thinks this is "D&D 4e with Warhammer graphics" is very, very, wrong. (Or, to use another example -- if you use glass beads to track your blood points in Vampire, instead of constantly erasing and filling in little dots on your character sheet, is it suddenly a "board game"? That's pretty much what's going on here -- these are tools to track in-game resources, that you COULD track by constantly writing and erasing if you really wanted to -- but it's easier to use the components.)


Runefang, a playtester write this at STS:

Man, I can't believe it falls to me to defend this, on StS. I'd rather be ranting (about anything, really). And, let me say that you're all entirely at liberty to dislike this, but I just feel like I should attempt to clarify a couple of things. Bear in mind that I'm still under NDA. 

Fwiw I really like the core mechanic. And it really couldn't be done with standard dice. It kicks up lots of info which you can choose to ignore (is it a simple success or not?) or you can interpret to pretty fine degree. It's quite clever.

The game really does support roleplaying. As much as any rpg. In addition there are specialised systems which govern social interaction. So I would say that social interaction (which I guess is what we mean by roleplaying, here) is supported much more in v3 than it is in the other two versions. Believe it or not.

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Necronomicus said:

I'm saying put all hard data here insted of spreading it over a dozen threads in peices.

Irony? Did you help FFG come up with the idea of using decks?

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