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A whole book of guns, yet all the players use the same ones?

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What I do is to encourage my players to spec their equipment for the mission in hand. Once they get to rank 3-4 & a few missions generally I say that if they want to get hold of some specific equipment for the missions then they should be able to...

e.g. For a gang related mission my players will look for weapons more suited for hiver gangs. Then for high society missions (Rejoice For You are True) I encouraged my players to equip themselves with smaller weapons suitable to be hidden amongst the fashions of the RFYAT parties and the weapons on display the techpriest spent some time jazzing them up to look like they were worth more than they were.

Except when players go "door kicking" and then expect them to have favourites I encourage my players to pick the weapons to fit the situation both in stats and appearance based.

If my players were going undercover on a feudal world then their Inquisitor would expect them to hide the high tech weaponry and fit the other weaponry to the environment.


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