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Gencon Worlds 2009 (Results!!!)

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 Tom Won a very grueling battle with Agency-Hastur against me in the finals.  I was playing Syndicate-Hastur.

I won 3 stories and lost the game because of  bad luck. I won the first 2 stories and was close to winning the 3rd, when Tom won the story that made me discard a story.  I will tell you that no game in a World Championship has been as close as this one.  (Total time went over an hour)  And while it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to know that I lost a game that I felt easily could have been mine, I was glad to be part of the game.  Strangely enough, Tom's deck was not the best one I saw at Gencon.  James Hata's Shub-Hastur deck was much better then anything in the Worlds tournament.  I played 2 games against him after the tournament and lost 3-0 and 3-1.  I will say that had I spent more time then one day building my deck, I would have probably went for Shub-Hastur as well.  Shub is my favorite faction. :)

Cards that made the biggest impacts in the World Championship were Arctic Sledge Dogs, Jim's card, and Motorbikes.  


Top 4 were:

1.  Agency-Hastur-- Tom (Magnus)

2.  Syndicate-Hastur-- John (Smashsplitter)

3.  Agency-Misitonic--  Kip 

4.  Agency--------------Jason  (New Player)


We had 4 players from the CCG days, and 8 new players that discovered the game after it changed to LCG.

  It was a fun tournament!  It was ran very well, and it appears CoC may be on the up side.  The new players seem to have a lot of fun in the tournament.  That is a good sign for the game.  One big plus, was I believe this was the first Worlds in 3 years that did not have Broken decks in play.

Fun Facts of the Tournament:

1.  No one played the Cthulhu faction!  First time ever!

2.  One player played Misitonic.  Would have made the top 4 but made a critical mental error.  Won't say who, but I will say I did that last year.  Sucks when it happens to you.

3.  Human factions dominated the Monster Factions.  (exception is Hastur)

4.  2 people played Shub-Yog.

5.  One played mono Yog.

6.  The competition wasn't  100% male.  (that's a first too)  FFG should work on evening that out happy.gif


I'll bring more updates in the future.

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Thanks for the update, Smashsplitter.  I was cheering for you.  Second place in worlds with a deck you made up the day before is quite an achievement. 

I HATE the story which makes everyone discard a previously-won story. 

Please tell us how arctic sledge dogs were used.  Lots of folks playing them? 


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 Congrats to Magnus and all the players.

Sorry I couldn't make it this year. Hopefully, I will be able to do so next year. I also hope that the game can get a bigger set of players.

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I was the one with the critical mental error, much to my chagrin.  Worlds was great fun, and all the participants were fun to compete against.  It is rare to have so much fun at such a serious event! Thanks to everyone who was there.  Congratulations to Tom and the rest.

I'm still a little dismayed at the Dreamwalkers ruling - it didn't affect me directly, but I want to see a FAQ clarifying it so that it won't be surprising in the future to other newer players.


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Congrats to all!

Anyone can post the card list that was being played? Which cards/combination/ap where the killers?

thanks in advance.


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OK - I mixed up two different thoughts in one post.

My mental error was in calling Terror instead of Combat with Chess Prodigy. Had I declared Combat I would have won the match, instead I did not.  Oh well - stupid play that was easy to see when it was not a tension situation.

Dreamwalkers - not directly related to my mental gaff.

It was ruled by Nate French that Dreamwalkers does not have to target a story in each players won pile.  What happened in someone else's game is that one player had 2 stories won, the other fellow none.  The other guy won Dreamwalkers and executed it making the first player go to 1 story, but not affecting him.

The argument was that Dreamwalkers says

Each player must choose one of his won story cards (other than this one) and shuffle it back into the story deck.

Which has no "if able" clause attached to it. So if the situation arose that it is impossible for each of the players to choose a story, I expected that the effect would fizzle.

For example, the recent FAQ says:

A player cannot trigger a card effect that requires him to choose a character, support card, or story card if there is no card of that type that he is able to choose.

For example, a player could not play Opening the Limbo Gate (Core Set F116) unless every player’s discard pile contained at least one character card.

Nate indicated that some sort of statement or FAQ would be forthcoming identifying that Dreamwalkers is an anomaly to this rule.

It is my understanding that long time players always played it as Nate ruled.  As a new player I did not know this.  the fellow who lost his story to Dreamwalkers didn't know that either, so it took him by surprise and affected his strategy. 

Oh well - as I say, the tournament was good fun and I'm glad I participated!

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Congrats from me as well. I was pretty bummed to once again have all of the AGOT events overlap the CoC events so that I wasn't able to play, but I did run into several of the CoC guys that I know early in the Con and catch up a bit. Also, talked to Steve a bit about the overlap, so hopefully it won't be quite as bad next year. *crosses fingers*


Then I can come dominate you all with my insanely broken Syndicate.



That was a joke. 

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That's how I've been playing Dreamwalkers, glad to see it's the correct way. Could use a FAQ entry errataing it to "if able" or something, though.

On another note, could anyone post decklists for any of the top 8 decks? I'm always interested in seeing top level decks, mostly for insight into the synergies they make use of and the balance between character and non-character cards they run with -- hopefully information I can use to improve my own deckbuilding.

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Hmmm, yeah, that's kind of the point of the dreamwalkers card (and other, similar stories.)

It could be argued that these cards do not target at all, but put a blanked effect over all players, trying to force them to target something. But, yeah, I can see how that is confusing. Especially after the Open the Gate example (which I find the weird ruling...)

I saw in the latest Gencon vid that there was an interview with the champ. I hope FFG releases a video about that too. It's always great to hear what good players have to say on the game! :D

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I think the FAQ language makes it pretty clear.  That's why the "if able" clause applies to certain cards, allowing them to trigger even if a target can't be chosen.

I always thought Dreamwalkers was supposed to slow the game down, but evenly. 

However, a ruling is a ruling and hopefully the next FAQ will clarify the card.

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My Deck  (2nd place deck)
3x CS F67 Triggerman
3x CS F68 Syndicate Liaison
3x CS F69 Hard Case
3x CS F71 Extortionist
3x CS F77 Panic
3x CS F79 Low Blow
3x AAH F12 Aspiring Artist
3x CS F82 •Victoria Glasser, The Society Hostess
3x CS F95 Byakhee Attack
3x CS F96 Agoraphobia
2x CS F97 Scotophobia
1x CS F99 Blind Submission
3x AAD F51 •Infernal Obsession
8x AMM F16 Alaskan Sledge Dog
3x ATT F75 Descendant of Eibon, Master of the Black Arts
3x CS F73 Dutch Courage
Total 50
Tom's Deck used the same Neutral cards, and almost the same Hastur cards.  He had more terror protection then I, but I assumed no one would be playing a good Shub or Yog deck.  I was right.  Tom's deck had Motorbike, small price to pay, Endless Interrogation, Shotgun blast, Short Fuze.  You can ask him for his decklist.
His deck vs. mine.  I would probably win 50% of the time.  His deck does much better against James's deck then mine.  With added terror support mine would perform better.  I plan playtesting to beat Tom's and James's deck on a regular basis.  

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Cool to see Syndicate Hastur do well - I've really been enjoying Mono Syndicate and I had been thinking that Syndicate Hastur might make a weird but fun aggro control deck, but wasn't sure how plausible it'd be for real competition.

I need to try Alaskan Sledge Dogs as well, I previously underestimated them, but after a friend threw them in his deck recently, I can see that they can be really annoying. Even one by itself is a 1 cost 2 skill with a Combat icon, which isn't amazing, but very solid.

Mostly I need to learn to cut the fat from my decks, as usually I'm struggling to pretty hard, and that's without even putting something like 8x Sledge Dogs in there!

Thanks for the info! :)

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30 characters, 20 events / support is what most people aim for (ballpark), right? Any specific reasons? Just a good balance?

What about character resource curve?

(noobish questions but been on my mind)

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Here's my deck, which would have made top 4 if I wasn't the player behind it.


2x Rabbit's Foot
3x Atwood Science Hall
3x Binding
3x Dr. Carson
2x Dr. Carson's Treatment
3x Laboratory Assistant
3x Parallel Universe
2x Julia Brown: Insomniac
3x Open for Inpection
3x Student Archaelogist
3x Anthropology Advisor
3x Chess Prodigy
3x Natural Philosopher
3x Shortsighted Librarian
3x Visiting Author
2x Beneath the Surface
2x Dr. Ali Kafour
1x Professor Albert Wilmarth - On Sabbatical
2x Professor Nathaniel Peaslee
1x Professor Albert Wilmarth - Folklore Expert

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Thanks everyone! I'll be posting up a full article a bit later (which i'll probably finish tonight after work), but just wanted to thank you guys for the congrats and reveal the decklist.

Agency: 27
3x Undercover Security
2x Government Exorsist
3x Mashral Greene
2x Agency Groundskeeper
2x Monster Hunter
1x Steve Clarny
2x Thomas F. Malone
3x Military Bike
3x Small Price to Pay
3x Shotgun Blast
3x Short Fuse

Hatsur: 12
3x Aspiring Artist
3x Agoraphobia
3x Blind Submission
3x •Infernal Obsession

Neutral: 11
8x Alaskan Sledge Dog
3x Descendant of Eibon

Total: 50

For the league (when I didn't have this whole deck complete as I had either not borrowed the card yet or returned a card after the tournament) I did have Endless Interrogation in there, but axed due to it not really fitting the flow of my deck and was just hoping people were going over-extend their hands in fear of me actually playing it. Don't think that really worked, but either way its probably something I'd put back in.

Though with this exact decklist I was able to defeat Mr. Hata's deck (a really mean Shub/Hastur build) 3 games to 1. Which for some reason there was a lot of hate for his deck as it was absolutely ripping through the staff member's decks and several others at the tournament apparently.

In hindsight I suppose I wouldn't of bothered with the Exorsist nor the maxxing out of Mr. Greene based on how little terror showed up in the final tables as I thought there was a great chance of seeing some kind of Shub/X deck, but as it turned out I was wrong which was ok as I knew what to resource then ;)

All in all I'm happy with what I came up with, for obvious reasons ;) , and I'll get that report in as soon as possible. So until then...

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Thanks for the decklists. 

Surprised by the sledge dogs in both 1st and 2nd decks, I'll have to try them out.

Could it be that there were, after all, first-rate cards in the Mountains of Madness asylum pack ?? 

Really enjoying this thread !


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