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Chaos rained on my parade again...and it looks like the Vortex is going to devour us all...perhaps there will be hope at GenCon

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Well, talking to a friend on the phone and they mentioned that FFG had made an announcement on this, so I came to look. I wouldn't mind a Warhammer 3e that took the best of 2e and made some minor changes...but this...this really doesn't look like the Warhammer RPG I've played all these years. In fact, the more I looked at it, the more I started wondering what had we done to make FFG desert the spirit and mechanics of the Warhammer system.


The dice....what are THESE things!? I already have descent...I'm looking for a good old D6 or D10, thank you very much. I'm already a hardcore boardgamer...I don't need another RPG that is reminiscent of a boardgame...but that wasn't the biggest indicator that they've deserted the Warhammer system.

No...I looked at the one picture they have of a class

and I see that most of it is unrecognizable...the advancements are what tossed me off. Do those look like any advancements you've seen in WFRP before?

Me neither. Maybe this is all gloom, and chaos will revert back to it's northern spires tomorrow, but pretty grim. Advances 2? Skill 1? Does this look familiar? I suppose if I really squeeze out in my mind there is a possibility that it is talking about 5 or 10 point increments and taking a skill or talent, that these are all incorporated...but on the stuff they've presented it seems like they are going for a new slant.

Is this how it ends? Not with the glorious ring of battle, but with the same death that AD&D died (almost a decade ago now)...some new company gets control and kills it by making a completely new game with the same name?

3e was a great game, and had some nice ideas...and perhaps this new game will be...but that would mean the death of WFRP publications of the game as we know it. I have grim feelings on this one, and my first instinct is to avoid this like the plaguebearers, before the grim storm of chaos comes.

But then maybe their is redemption for the Empire still, I just hope the next they show of us is closer to the WFRP we know...either of first or second edition.

They said they were going to show this off at GenCon, hopefully there will be those who can take a closer look at what's being put out and tell us more this weekend. Any Volunteers?

Hopefully those reports will tell us more about this game to our despair at the triumph of assuage our fears that doom has finally come...or to convert us to the masses of the faithful in the light of this new Game.

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