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Dark Riku, Aggro-style

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First 'n foremost, note that all cards in the set will be from Set 4, unless noted by a (*).

Secondly, this deck is about 98% complete 'n ready for bashin, so give it your all when judgin it, aye?  Here we go!


Player CardDark Riku

Friends (44):

Lvl 1>

BouncyWild x 3

*Black Fungus x 1

Lvl 2>

Pot Spider x 3

*White Mushroom x 2

Lvl 3>

Bandit x 3

Panic x 2

Lvl 4>

Bit Sniper x 2

Angel Star x 3

Search Ghost x 1

Stealth Sneak x 1

Fat Bandit x 2

Lvl 5>

Pot Centipede x 2

Air Pirate x 1

AquaTank x 1

Barbossa x 3

Lvl 6>

Behemoth x 1

Cerberus x 1

Cave of Wonders x 2

Lvl 7>

Wizard x 2

Hydra x 1

Parasite Cage x 1

Queen of Hearts x 1

Lvl 8>

*Hades x 1

*Oogie Boogie x 1

*Maleficent x 1

*Darkside x 1

Lvl 9>

*Dragon Maleficent x 1

Attack Cards (7):

*Soul Eater x 3

*Oblivion x 1

*Ultima Weapon x 1

*Fairy Harp x 2

World Cards (2):

End of the World, lvl 2 x 2

Magic Cards (2):

*Cura, lvl 2 x 2

Equipment Cards (2):

Wishing Lamp x 2

Deck Total58

As one may note, this deck has a huge potential for draw power, once I aquire my equipment card.  'N yes, it's all ready for goin all out aggro on players.  It even has the potential to grow bit by bit when Monstro is out (through test after test after test, mind you), so it's ready to fight. 

As I stated above, it's nearly finish'd.  All I need is for it to be judged.  Feel free to leave comments, compliments, questions, 'n suggestions for improvement, as I am more than welcomin it. 

Please note that if you wish to leave a complaint, please press Alt+F4 to ping me online.  I'll be waitin!  C|;D


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would that even work? wishing lamp says when you play agrabah friends right? and riku says you may put dark cards into your friend area and then treat them as if they were friends after there already played? sorry just a bit confused about it is all..

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Actually, it states when you play an 'Agrabah' card, 'n by Mr. Dawn's rulin (due to his mod powers), it means any card that includes 'Agrabah' on the card.

So yes, accordin to the rulin, it would be a draw-fest through 'n through, friend card or not.

It's a really, really fast deck when play'd right.  'N PoWaFuL too!!

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