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Darkwing Duck2

My other deck i was working with...

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the aggro deck i was working on for gen con. again im not using it so here we go.

43 with player

Sora lvl 1 

Friends: 32

Huey lvl 0 x1
Dewey lvl 0 x1
Louie lvl 0 x1
Sebastion lvl 0 x2
Owl lvl 0 x2
The King lvl 0 x1
Captain Pete lvl 0 x2
Cid lvl 1 x1
Phil lvl 1 x1
Sally lvl 1 x3
Pinocchio lvl 1 x2
Moogle lvl 1 x2
Goofy lvl 1 x2
King Triton Lvl 2 x1
Yuffie lvl 2 x2 (BoD)
Goofy lvl 3 x3
Goofy lvl 4 x1 (BoD)
Sephiroth lvl 4 x1
Auron lvl 4 x1

Worlds: 2

Deep Jungle lvl 3 x2

Forms: 2

Valor x2

Equipment: 2

Oblivion x1
Kingdom Key x1

Attack: 2

Fairy Harp x2

Cerberus x2

This one wasnt fully complete nor playtested. just some ideas i was working with for control..

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