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Who is that boy, he's so mysterious....

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Because I like to explore every deck possibility to the fullest no matter how bad i know it is, I put together a Roxas deck just to see what the problems were.

Roxas lvl1


Olettex2(shes good magic and good support)


Fuux2(the draw power of the deck)

Raix2( for Fuu)

Vivix2( for fuu and equiment destruction)

Seiferx1( He's ok kinda stupid though)

Oathkeeperx1( my friends run no equip destruction so they never go away I know itd be a good idea to run two but its a dead draw right now)

Oblivionx1( same thing here)

(olette/vivi can cast any lvl3 magic thats pretty good for racing when you think about it)






Samuraix3( i wanted to put these guys under friends because thats all they're really here for)

Dragoonx1( i was missing one card threw it in for some search support, why not?)

Behemothx2(One old and One new)

Parasite Cagex2(Both Old)

Aqua Tankx1(BoD)


Disney Castlex2

Halloween Townlvl3x3

Traverse town lvl3x2
(I've never been one to WR slow so i play what I feel are the safest High lvl worlds to win and win fast)


I recognize som of the flaws ion this deck myself, too much magic= dead draws, lack of better cards to put in, and not running doubles of the equipments based on what my friends run. Other then that the deck runs pretty smooth, No one can ever beat me in a challenge cuz Roxas gets so powered up, and Dark Cards also go down easy due to my strength.

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 I'm pretty sure that the boy is so mysterious because he has so few friends.  And because of this, you should probably do a slow WR with a decent number of heals.  Problem being that you can't abuse Tink, so you're stuck with Cure, HT lvl 1 before you have to have friends in play.

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I agree with Fairbanks to slow world race with Roxas. Also, HT lv 1 is great if you are not running Heartless. +2hp every time. Instead of all the magic you have, I would think cures and curas, since Olette and Vivi will be able to play both those cards. Having so much high level magic will result in some dead draws indeed, and with Roxas already at such a disadvantage, giving him every chance is what you will need to do even romotely well with roxas. Also, good for you for building a Roxas deck. I love mine.

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