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1st Stark LCG Deck

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Alright, i've returned after many months and finally gotten around to LCG-ifying my decks with great reluctance. since iv ebeen out for awhile im gonna bow to the superior wisdom of the internets here and post my deck list to see what you all have to say. i've played 4 games with it so far and ive won at least 3 of em, inculding a very fun and close game with stag lord's bastard of a bara deck the other night so i figure im doing at least something right (and Red Terror, if your lurking about i can't for the life of me remember how our second game went so yeah).

LCG Stark #1 - Stark - Kings of Winter


----- Plots (7) avg income: 3.7 -----
A Time for Ravens x1 A Change of Seasons F59
The Winds of Winter x1 The Winds of Winter F40
Summoning Season x1 Core Set B181
Rains of Autumn x1 Core Set B184
The Power of Arms x2 Core Set S200
Fury of the Wolf x1 Ancient Enemies F25

----- Characters (31) avg cost: 2.4 -----
* Robb Stark x2 Kings of the Sea F33
Silent Sisters x3 Kings of the Sea F44
* Eddard Stark x1 The Tower of the Hand F41
* Catelyn Stark x1 A Time of Trials F21
* Arya Stark x1 City of Secrets F1
Northern Cavalry Flank x3 Scattered Armies F103
Northern Infantry x3 Scattered Armies F104
Bolton Refugee x3 Refugees of War F83
* Cat o' the Canals x1 Refugees of War F84
* Samwell Tarly x1 The Raven's Song F66
Ranger of Winter x3 The Winds of Winter F25
Carrion Bird x3 The Winds of Winter F35
* Jeyne Westerling x1 A Song of Summer F6
* Eddard Stark x1 Core Set S5
* Greatjon Umber x1 Core Set S10
* Hodor x1 Core Set S12
* Old Nan x1 The Battle of Ruby Ford F81
* King Robb's Host x1 The War of Five Kings F1

----- Locations (11) avg cost: 0.9 -----
* Storm Dancer x3 A Time of Trials F23
Northern Fiefdoms x3 Core Set S26
* Lord Eddard's Chambers x1 Core Set S28
Great Keep x3 Core Set S30
Street of Steel x1 Core Set S139

----- Attachments (10) avg cost: 1.3 -----
* Needle x1 Refugees of War F81
The Long Winter x2 A Change of Seasons F41
White Raven x3 The Winds of Winter F24
* Ice x1 Core Set S1
Icy Catapult x3 The War of Five Kings F12

----- Events (9) -----
Winter Reserves x2 Scattered Armies F118
Kings in the North x2 Core Set S157
Lethal Counterattack x2 Core Set S158
To Be a Wolf x3 Sacred Bonds F44

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Especially when you are looking at the cost of some of those cards. King Robb really helps letting you get those armies out on the cheap, but getting Robb out early enough to make a difference may become a bit of a problem.

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Well, I think Summoning Season is generally used for Robb, no? Or Jeyne, too. So, with Jeyne he's practically running Robb x3; couple that with search and he should be okay. The income might worry me a bit, as well...what I've found in my winter decks is usually one of the in-house 2 cost reducer can be a big help, but that's also limited (a boon against most location hate, a bane in that you've got 6 already...). Narrow Seas, maybe? I might run a Warhorn or two just to deal with some of the nastier locations you may run into, but that's just preference really.

Is running the 2 versions of Eddard beneficial? I'm thinking the Tower of the Hand one is so good that may want to just stick with him. Also, I know Cat o' the Canals is a beast, but...Core Set Arya with Tower Eddard can get you some good draw, especially since both are any phase.

Really, though, these are mostly aesthetics, I guess. Looks to be a good deck.

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thanks for the comments guys. yeah, since square one the income was always alittle bit of a worry for me, considering how much i relied on those Kingdoms in the past. in the 4 games ive played so far i havent had much of a problem with income, though im pretty sure thats mostly luck so far. though im pushing it with all the limited, im sitting on two godswoods im trying to find space for. right now im thinkin core set eddard and a storm dancer might come out. to be honest, ive never been a fan of the Seas, even back when they first came out. the one time use thing always seemed a bit lacking in my own opinion though i know im in the extreme minority, and i dont have much use for influence.

Flops have been decent, owing mostly to the refugees me thinks. the basic premise of the deck is focusing on Robb and those armys, and someone already pointed out to me the glaring flaw of not having any distinct masterys in the deck so i could stand Robb to use the ability twice. but again not necessary but would be nice to have.

Whaddaya guys think on the plots. its probably just my paranoia mixed with such little variety in legal plots these days but ive been focusing most of my attention on them. the two power of arms is nice but im not sure i need both. part of me really wants building season in there. also i was looking at The Raven's Song as a way to deal with summer cards when i just dont have a raven on hand(its happened more times than youd think lol, damned summer's champions), but no one around heres really used it to any effect yet.

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Well, I like The Power of Arms x2, but that being said, maybe Siege of Riverrun or After the Mummer's Ford? Gives you a different Military Battle plot to choose from for To Be A Wolf if you don't wanna burn your Fury early (nice to save it for a good character later if you can, I think). I'm not sure 2 The Long Winter is necessary, really, but I guess the redundancy is okay. I've never had much luck with Kings in the North, either. I kind of think that Winter is Coming would be a better choice, especially on a claim 2 plot.

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