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Player Card
1x Sora lvl 1(Promo)

Form Changes
3x Valor Form

Level 0
1x The King – Search Anything
3x Tidus – Destorys level 0
3x Owl – Stops Magical Friends

Level 1
3x Phil – Negates magic, Draw for Pegasus
3x Pinocchio - Hand Control
2x Goofy lvl 1 – Valor Form
1x Cid – Hand Management
1x Abu – Equipment Discard

Level 2
2x Hercules – Draw for Pegasus, Bounce Heartless
1x Ariel – Protects HP
2x Yuffie – Discards Hand
2x Pegasus – Draw Engine

Level 3
2x Jack Sparrow - Takes out High Level friends
1x Goofy
2x Hercules - Gets a boost for the Olympic Friends

Level 4
1x Auron - Hits for high damage and takes a friend

Equipment Cards
2x Olympia
2x Oblivion

Attack Cards
1x Oblivion
1x Ultima Weapon

Event Cards
1x Event 1

Dark Cards
1x Pete lvl 2
2x Behemoth lvl 5
2x Cerberus
2x Cave of Wonders Guardain

2x Destiny Islands lvl 1
2x Monstro lvl 1
2x Olympus Coliseum lvl 1

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