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Midnight - Spellslinger Crossover?

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Despite the hold the Shadow had over Erenland, its fall was quite inevitable (Irzador upset the natural order of things, after all...) And, thus, heroes of prophecy (this is a good finale for PCs in the Midnight setting) led armies of men, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, rogue orcs, and more against the Shadow. They were fully prepared to take heavy losses, and even to die to secure their freedom. Faced with such overwhelming odds, as well as the fact that the God-Hammer Gundarak was smashing the Veil of Irzador, the Night Kings fled to the west, carrying Irzador's mostly-dead body with them. However, when they arrived, they were soon overwhelmed by the Pack (the wolflike equivalents of Native Americans), though their battle split the Pack into different tribes. And the gods of the Pack sent Irzador and the Night Kings into the Gray Valley, which slammed together, burying them under tons of what were now mountains! However, by the time the campain setting "Spellslinger" comes around, (y'know, Spellslinger? That awesome game with fantasy mixed with the wild west? Buy it, if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's probably at Half-Price Books or something...) the Night Kings have managed to dig their way out of their prison, and are attempting to corrupt the Territories for their own ends... and for the glory of Irzador... They may even be responsible for the growing tensions between the Magi and Blackhands! But heroes are arising to combat them...


Let me know what you think. If you have any ideas for this setting, or any other sort of Midnight crossover, please reply!



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