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Wes Janson

Some Armada style fan fiction.

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Hey all,


just decided to write this in my spare time tonight. Had the idea since I played the first game. Hope its a fun short read, and reminds people of their games.







The Iron Star's Captain was a patient man. For the last three weeks he had played cat and mouse throughout the Neebri system's space trying to corner this localized Rebel cell. They had been striking targets of marginal importance, but had so far avoided a protracted fight. Khairns swore he had them trapped in their last meeting, but was foiled in the last moment by a clever deployment of mines. His Tie Fighters had flown right through the heart of the proximity mines losing almost half their number. During the confusion the enemy managed to put distance between them and the Iron Star, escaping to hyperspace without loss.


The Iron Star was an older model Victory-I Star Destroyer. She was a reliable, tough ship, but unsuited to chasing quick rebel corvettes and strike craft. With the loss of nearly half his fighter compliment, Khairns had sent requisition orders for new replacements. This was of course answered with the typical bureaucratic nerf dung about current priority is to vessels guarding critical assets. Khairns hated the fact that his command was regarded as marginal enough not to be regarded with priority even while under direct threat. Luckily, he was not about to let this deter his mood or purpose. He was going to be ready for the next Rebel intrusion.


Knowing Administrator Faliek had been hoarding several vessels for defense of his own interests, Khairns planned to use his rank and priority to liberate a few of these for his own devices. Of course he knew if he simply requested this by comm the Administrator might delay, and cost time in which the Rebels may strike. Kairns felt showing up personally in the Iron Star would help alleviate Faliek of any smug self importance he felt about his position. The satisfaction on Khairns face was obvious while Faliek dithered about with his fighter inventory. Neebri Prime was sitting on a sizable fighter wing. Snatching the datapad from Faliek as if he were a child to be scolded, Khairns came to an uexpected yet welcome entry. Six brand new Assault Gunboats, complete with the required ordnance. Pilot assignments were also listed, but Khairns had no intention to use Faliek's thugs. Turning his back on Faliek, Khairns mused on how such a crooked, spineless excuse of a man ever achieved his status.


With his new fighters aboard, and six previously dispossessed Tie pilots beaming, the Iron Star moved out with an almost mocking disregard for protocol. Of course Khairns assumed Faliek would raise some sort of official concern regarding the procurement of his fighters being a risk to his operational security. He wished Administrator Faliek luck in his endevour.



Twice the following week the Rebels struck, both at mining installations in Neebri's mid system asteroid belt. Each time the Iron Star arrived to chase them off, with minimal contact before they retreated into the safety of hyperspace. Several unarmed vessels disabled, destroyed and facilities damaged with minimal casualties. Kairns could not fathom why this Rebel group had such an interest in Neebri. It was like robbing from the poor. What value was here that even the Empire didn't deem fit to warrant more then a single ship in its defense? There must be something he was missing. Only way to find out was to corner the scum and extract the reason right from their very mouths. Khairns looked forward to that.


One of Iron Star's bridge pit crew gained Khairns's attention through a rather abrupt bark of distress. The Rebels had emerged from hiding to strike again. Before he could think about where, the holoscreen flashed to life showing two rebel corvette analogues and several fighters attacking the defense station orbiting Neebri Prime. “Seems like Faliek will be getting his Gunboats back after all.” Kairns said just loud enough for his second in command to hear. Chuckling the other Officer went about readying their ship for action. “Send the Gunboats ahead of our arrival, have them engage the Rebel ships attacking the station with missiles, and keep them tied down until we arrive.” Khairns was sure they would prove a surprise to the Rebels.


Emerging into normal space, the Iron Star's bridge holoscreen flashed to life. “Contact the station and get a status report on condition. And ask our Gunboats to report in.” Khairns was seeing a lot of Rebel activity on the holo. “Prep our Storm Troopers and have them ready for boarding actions. Looks like the Rebels are making a power play for the defense station.” What did they hope to gain from that... The comm's operator cut through his thought. “Sir, the station reports boarders already aboard and in control of significant portions of the facility. They are unable to hold without reinforcement. “Very well. Launch our troop transports and boarding craft with orders to recapture the station. Have Beta squadron reinforce our Gunboats and engage the enemy fighters between us and the station to clear a path for our troops.” He hoped the intervention of the Ties would allow the remaining Gunboats to resume attacks on the two Rebel corvettes covering the freighters most likely carrying the enemy boarding parties. “Have us move in at maximum combat speed so we can bring our guns to bare on the corvettes. They were not going to escape this time. “Be sure to put us between them and the asteroid cluster, I don't want them using them as cover for any escape.”


The battle was unfolding to be favorable for the Iron Star. The Ties had not only turned the tables of the fighter combat, but they had managed to chase the enemy fighters away from the path of the now rapidly approaching Imperial troop ships. What is so important about that station that they were willing to risk coming to direct conflict with the Iron Star to achieve? Khairns wondered. No matter, the enemy Corvettes were now turning to engage the Iron Star. 'It would be their last mistake.' “Angle our deflector shields full forward, lets not risk any damage because we were overconfident.” The two corvettes were streaking down the left flank of the Iron Star, but only the lead corvette was firing. “The rear corvette is not engaging us directly, do you read any damage to its armament?” The tactical officer confirmed there was nothing outwardly abnormal about the ship. Although he did note it was registering a high power fluctuation. “I always knew their ships were defective pieces of nerf cr... Report!?” The defense liaison was dumbfounded. “Our shields are failing, and many of our systems are experiencing severe power fluctuation!” The Iron Star started to shudder under the fire of the lead corvette, turbo lasers tearing up her suddenly vulnerable hull. “An overload pulse.” Khairns should have seen it coming. Why else would they have risked being so rash? “Restart your systems and boost power to the shield system, the pulse effects are brief. And target that second corvette with every gun we have, we don't need that happening twice.”


Khairns had gained his calm back. The enemy had surprised him, but even with their momentary advantage they could not win. In the distance the defense stations guns started to bark. It was not at the Rebel freighters however, but at the Imperial boarding craft. “Did we lose the station?” Khairns asked in disbelief. Two of his troop transports visibly exploded before his eyes in the distance. “Sir, the station reports boarders already aboard and in control of significant portions of the facility. They are unable to...” Khairns felt his stomach churn. “Commander have the transports turn back, we will have to engage the station directly. The Rebels are sitting mynocks on there anyway.” The offending Rebel corvette flared and exploded, scattering large debris in all directions. The now free to roam Gunboats had come to the aid of the recovering Star Destroyer. “Instruct our Gunboats to pursue and destroy the remaining Corvette. Despite being surprised by the bold Rebel attack, Khairns was now firmly in control of the battle. “Bring us about to maximize our fire on the defense station. She is no match for a ship of our size.” What a waste of resources and personnel. A whole Rebel cell eliminated over a defense station. How they chose to end their lives was not concerning Khairns.


As the Iron Star's turbolasers opened fire on the station, the Captain couldn't help but wonder how he was going to explain this. He was sure Faliek was watching the battle unfold from the planets surface, and was already planning on blaming the loss of the station on Khairns due to robbing it of its defense. The communications officer again put a stop to his thoughts. “Sir the Gunboats have stopped checking in, and they won't respond to my comm's.” Khairns was about to blame it on the Star Destroyers scrambled systems until his holo revealed several new enemy formations. “Sir, Rebel ships exiting hyperspace behind our position! Additional Rebel ships approaching from the asteroid cluster!” Khairns scrambled for the command.


“Helm, turn us about, and take us out of the stations fire range, we have new toys to play with.” The Captian was now starting to feel overwhelmed. Not only was he facing a larger enemy formation then he thought present in system, but he was losing significant resources in repelling them. Heavy vibrations shook Iron Star's bridge. The newly arrived Nebulon-B's turbolasers hammered the shields. The following proton torpedo impacts were distinct, and violent. “Rear shields already failing, we were not ready to sustain hits like that.” Khairns stared in disbelief at his situation. The threat alarm sounded as more starfighters loosed their ordnance on the Star Destroyer. This time however the bridge did not shake, it just went dark. “Ion torpedoes...” The bridge was now in full chaos trying to recover, but to no avail. More Ion weapons slammed into the unshielded rear of the massive vessel. Systems were in full failure now. 'Well played.' Thought the Captain to himself.


As he watched the remaining Ties through the Duraplast view port try and rescue their now crippled mother ship, Khairns was musing. They would die honoring their comrades, all in vein. Even worse they would die defending the one thing that Khairns should have protected from the very beginning. The value the Rebels saw in Neebri was nothing the Iron Star was protecting, but the ship herself. 'The weeks of pointless hit and runs was to confirm the Star Destroyer was the sole element of defense in the system.' With her troops off ship caught in a suicide run against a defense station, there was not many troops left to defend the Star Destroyer against the now numerous rebel boarding parties.


Khairns straightened up and patted the wrinkles down on his uniform.“I suppose we should prepare to entertain our guests commander. Although I doubt the mess hall will be ready to receive so many unexpected guests.”


To be continued...

Edited by Wes Janson

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Very nice!!! Maybe we should just keep this thread for some short stories such as this!! Very entertaining read and capturing Si-Fi naval combat!!!  

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