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Card and Monster Lists

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This is a combined, revised, and expanded version of card lists taken from the old forums (and from the old, old forums before that). The original lists were written, contributed to, and/or maintained by Sauron, Feroz, ColtsFan76, jgt7771, and various other posters to the original threads. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!


Note: Some card/marker types do not have explicit titles (e.g., Blessing of Nodens) or have several markers with the same name but different characteristics (e.g., Riot monster markers). In these lists, just enough from the rules for these components will be provided to let you tell the individual components apart. This information is indicated by braces: { ... }.

Expansion Abbreviations:
Under each section, cards are subgrouped by expansion. Expansions are listed in the order of publication of the English edition of the game. The following abbreviations are used for the base game and expansions:

AH: Arkham Horror
DP: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
DH: Dunwich Horror
KY: The King in Yellow
KH: Kingsport Horror
BG: Black Goat of the Woods


Ancient Ones

AH Ancient Ones (8)

DH Ancient Ones (4)
Shudde M'ell

KH Ancient Ones (4)



AH Investigators (16)
Amanda Sharpe the Student
"Ashcan" Pete the Drifter
Bob Jenkins the Salesman
Carolyn Fern the Psychologist
Darrell Simmons the Photographer
Dexter Drake the Magician
Gloria Goldberg the Author
Harvey Walters the Professor
Jenny Barnes the Dilettante
Joe Diamond the Private Eye
Kate Winthrop the Scientist
Mandy Thompson the Researcher
Michael McGlen the Gangster
Monterey Jack the Archaeologist
Sister Mary the Nun
Vincent Lee the Doctor

DH Investigators (8)
Diana Stanley the Redeemed Cultist
Jacqueline Fine the Psychic
Jim Culver the Musician
Leo Anderson the Expedition Leader
Marie Lambeau the Entertainer
Mark Harrigan the Soldier
Rita Young the Athlete
Wilson Richards the Handyman

KH Investigators (8)
Charlie Kane the Politician
Daisy Walker the Librarian
Lily Chen the Martial Artist
Lola Hayes the Actress
Luke Robinson the Dreamer
Rex Murphy the Reporter
Tony Morgan the Bounty Hunter
Wendy Adams the Urchin


Investigator Cards: Allies

AH Allies (11)
Anna Kaslow ×1
Duke ×1
Eric Colt ×1 
John Legrasse ×1
Professor Armitage  ×1
Richard Upton Pickman ×1
Ruby Standish ×1
Ryan Dean ×1
Sir William Brinton ×1
Thomas F. Malone ×1
Tom "Mountain" Murphy ×1

DP Ally Cards (7) 
David Packard ×1
Dr. Ali Kafour ×1
Erica Carlyle ×1
Erich Weiss ×1
Father Iwanicki ×1
Sarah Danforth ×1
The Messenger ×1

DH Allies (5)
Ammi Pierce ×1
Corinna Jones ×1
Earl Sawyer ×1
Professor Rice ×1
Zebulon Whateley ×1 

KH Allies (11)
Asenath Waite ×1
Basil Elton ×1
Charles Dexter Ward ×1
Dr. Herbert West ×1
Foolishness ×1
Granny Orne ×1
Professor Morgan ×1
Terrible Old Man ×1
Thomas Olney ×1
William Bain ×1
Young Zoog ×1

Investigator Cards: Common Items

AH Common Items (44)
.18 Derringer ×2 
.38 Revolver ×2 
.45 Automatic ×2 
Ancient Tome ×2 
Axe ×2 
Bullwhip ×2 
Cavalry Saber ×2 
Cross ×2 
Dark Cloak ×2 
Dynamite ×2 
Food ×2 
Knife ×2 
Lantern ×2 
Lucky Cigarette Case ×2 
Map of Arkham ×2 
Motorcycle ×2 
Old Journal ×2 
Research Materials ×2 
Rifle ×2 
Shotgun ×2 
Tommy Gun ×2 
Whiskey ×2 

DH Common Items (15)
Brass Knuckles ×2 
Carbine Rifle ×2 
Courier Run ×1 
Dusty Manuscripts ×2 
Flamethrower ×2 
Genealogy Research ×1 
Mineralogy Report ×1 
Molotov Cocktail ×2 
Newspaper Assignment ×1 
Patrolling the Streets ×1 

KY Common Items (19) 
Athame ×2 
Director's Diary ×2 
Ley Line Map ×2 
Press Pass ×2 
Safety Deposit Key ×3 
Sedanette ×2 
Time Bomb ×3 
Understudy's Script ×3 

KH Common Items (14)
Elephant Gun ×2 
Flare Gun ×2 
Food ×1
Handcuffs ×2 
Kerosene ×2 
Makeup Kit ×2 
Telescope ×2 
Whiskey ×1

BG Common Items (11) 
.357 Magnum ×2 
Crowbar ×2 
Gray's Anatomy ×1 
Lucky Rabbit's Foot ×1 
Magnifying Glass ×2 
Military Motorcycle ×1 
Student Newspaper ×2 

Investigator Cards: Unique Items

AH Unique Items (39)
Alien Statue ×1 
Ancient Tablet ×1 
Blue Watcher of the Pyramid ×1 
Book of Dzyan ×1 
Cabala of Saboth ×2 
Cultes des Goules ×2 
Dragon's Eye ×1 
Elder Sign ×4 
Enchanted Blade ×2 
Enchanted Jewelry ×1 
Enchanted Knife ×2 
Flute of the Outer Gods ×1 
Gate Box ×1 
Healing Stone ×1 
Holy Water ×4 
Lamp of Alhazred ×1 
Nameless Cults ×2 
Necronomicon ×1 
Obsidian Statue ×1 
Pallid Mask ×1 
Powder of Ibn-Ghazi ×2 
Ruby of R'lyeh ×1 
Silver Key ×1 
Sword of Glory ×1 
The King in Yellow ×2 
Warding Statue ×1 

DH Unique Items (25)
Alien Device ×1 
De Vermiis Mysteriis ×1 
Dhol Chants ×1 
Elixir of Life ×1 
Enchanted Cane ×1 
Fetch Stick ×1 
Fire of Asshurbanipal ×1 
For the Greater Good ×1 
Glass of Mortlan ×1 
Golden Sword of Y'ha-Talla ×2 
Golden Trumpet ×1 
Gruesome Talisman ×1 
Joining the Winning Team ×1 
Lightning Gun ×1 
Mi-Go Brain Case ×1 
Purifying The Town ×1 
Sacrifices to Make ×1 
Sealing The Beast's Power ×1 
Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan ×1 
The Light of Reason ×1 
True Magick ×1 
Walking the Ley Lines ×1 
Warning Mirror ×1 
Wave of Destruction ×1 

KY Unique Items (22) 
Book of the Believer ×2 
Camilla's Ruby ×1 
Carcosan Page ×1 
Cryptozoology Collection ×1 
Cursed Sphere ×1 
Elder Sign Pendant ×1 
Gladius of Carcosa ×3 
Illuminated Manuscript ×2 
Map of the Mind ×1 
Masquerade of Night ×1 
Petrifying Solution ×3 
Puzzle Box ×1 
Seeker of the Yellow Sign ×1 
Shrine to an Elder God ×1 
Throne of Carcosa ×1 
Warding of the Yellow Sign ×1 

KH Unique Items (12)
Brazier of Souls ×1
Crystal of the Elder Things ×4 
Elder Sign ×1
Eltdown Shards ×2 
Livre d'Ivon ×1
Massa di Requiem per Shuggay ×1
Yithian Rifle ×2 

BG Unique Items (11) 
Ancient Spear ×2 
Astral Mirror ×1 
Milk of Shub-Niggurath ×3 
Naacal Key ×1 
Ritual Blade ×2 
Soul Gem ×2 

Investigator Cards: Exhibit Items

DP Exhibit Items (22)
Book of Anubis ×1 
Chime of Ra ×2 
Eye of Light and Darkness ×2 
Mask of the Black Pharaoh ×1 
Mask of the Messenger ×1 
Mask of the Three Fates (or "Triune Mask"*)  ×1
Mask of Vice ×1 
Mask of Wisdom ×1 
Parchment of Elder Sign ×3 
Pentagram of Blood ×2 
Scales of Thoth ×1 
Spirit Vessel ×2 
Summoning Glass ×2 
Tablet of Bast ×2 

* Some cards in the expansion refer to a Triune Mask. The Triune Mask is the Mask of the Three Fates.

Investigator Cards: Spells

AH Spells (40)
Bind Monster ×2 
Dread Curse of Azathoth ×4 
Enchant Weapon ×3 
Find Gate ×4 
Flesh Ward ×4 
Heal ×3 
Mists of Releh ×4 
Red Sign of Shudde M'ell ×2 
Shrivelling ×5 
Voice of Ra ×3 
Wither ×6 

DP Spells (21) 
Astral Travel ×3 
Denying the Ancient One ×2 
Feeding the Mind ×2 
Markings of Isis ×3 
Plague of Locusts ×3 
Premonition ×2 
Shroud of Shadow ×3 
Revelation of Script ×3 

DH Spells (21)
Alchemical Process ×2 
Bless ×1 
Call Friend ×2 
Cloud Memory ×3 
Foresee ×3 
Greater Banishment ×2 
Lure Monster ×2 
Summon Shantak ×2 
Vision Quest ×2 
Wrack ×2 

KY Spells (15)
Arcane Insight ×2 
Call the Azure Flame ×3 
Open the Third Eye ×2 
Storm of Spirits ×4 
Summon the Beast Within ×2 
The Yellow Mist ×2 

KH Spells (11)
Implant Suggestion ×2 
Fist of Yog-Sothoth ×4 
Forced Learning ×2 
Spectral Razor ×3 

BG Spells (4) 
Call Ancient One ×1 
Steal Life ×2 
Summon Monster ×1

Investigator Cards: Skills

AH Skills (20) 
Bravery ×2 
Expert Occultist ×2 
Fight ×2 
Lore ×2 
Luck ×2 
Marksman ×2 
Sneak ×2 
Speed ×2 
Stealth ×2 
Will ×2 

DH Skills (11)
Conceal ×1
Dodge ×1
Fisticuffs ×1
Grapple ×1
Hide ×1
Library Use ×1
Mystic Gift ×1
Mythos Lore ×1
Psychology ×1
Spot Hidden ×1
Strong Will ×1

KH Skills (12)
Ancient Language ×1
Camouflage ×1
Credit Rating ×1
Disguise ×1
Endurance ×1
Linguistics ×1
Listen ×1
Martial Arts ×1
Mental Fortitude ×1
Persuade ×1
Run ×1
Wrestle ×1

Investigator Cards: Special

AH Special Cards: Miscellaneous (32)
Bank Loan ×8 
Blessing/Curse ×8 
Retainer ×8 
Silver Twilight Lodge Membership ×8 

AH Special Cards: Deputy Cards (3)
Deputy of Arkham ×1 
Deputy's Revolver ×1 
Patrol Wagon ×1 

DP Special Cards: Benefits (4)
Anointed ×1 
Private Investigator ×1 
Psychic ×1 
Visions ×1 

DP Special Cards: Barred from the Neighborhood (18)
Barred from Downtown ×2
Barred from Easttown ×2
Barred from French Hill ×2
Barred from Merchant District ×2
Barred from Miskatonic U. ×2
Barred from Northside ×2
Barred from Rivertown ×2
Barred from Southside ×2
Barred from Uptown ×2

DP Special Cards: Detriments (4)
Harried ×1 
Local Guide ×1 
Tainted ×1 
Wanted ×1

DH Special Cards: Miscellaneous (16)
Rail Pass ×8 
Sheldon Gang Membership ×8 

DH Special Cards: Conditions (4)
Coded Messages ×1 
Darke's Blessing ×1 
Rare Book Collection ×1
Velma's Gratitude ×1 

DH Special Cards: Injuries (24)
Back Injury ×2 
Broken Hand ×2 
Concussion ×2 
Consumption ×2 
Double Vision ×2 
Head Wound ×2 
Hearing Loss ×2 
Injured Arm ×2 
Jinxed ×2 
Memory Loss ×2 
Sprained Ankle ×2 
Tainted ×2 

DH Special Cards: Madnesses (24)
Addiction ×2 
Agoraphobia ×2 
Amnesia ×2 
Claustrophobia ×2 
Delirium ×2 
Depression ×2 
Hysteria ×2 
Mania ×2 
Necrophobia ×2 
Paranoia ×2 
Schizophrenia ×2 
Xenophobia ×2 

KY Special Cards: Blight (13)
Abigail Foreman ×1
Doctor Mintz ×1
Doyle Jeffries ×1
Father Michael ×1
Joey "The Rat" ×1
Ma Mathison ×1
Miriam Beecher ×1
Nurse Sharon ×1
Oliver Thomas ×1
Sheriff Engle ×1
The Dean ×1
The Shopkeeper ×1
Velma ×1

KY Special Cards: Magical Effects (7)
Azure Flame ×3 
Inner Beast ×2 
Third Eye ×2 

KH Special Cards: Captain of the White Ship (2)
Captain of the White Ship ×1
The White Ship ×1

KH Special Cards: Changed (2)
Changed ×1
The Great Seal ×1

KH Special Cards: Guardian Effects (48)
Beloved of Bast ×1
Nine Lives ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Fight} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Focus} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Lore} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Luck} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Sanity} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Sneak} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Speed} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Stamina} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {+1 Will} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {pass skill check} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {prevent loss of Blessing} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {prevent terror level rise of 1} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {remove doom token} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {return one dimensional symbol to cup} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {search for common item instead of drawing} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {search for skill instead of drawing} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {search for spell instead of drawing} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {search for unique item instead of drawing} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {spend up to $10} ×1
Blessing of Nodens {spend up to 3 Clue tokens} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Administration} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Arkham Asylum} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Bank of Arkham} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Black Cave} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Curiositie Shoppe} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {General Store} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Graveyard} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Hibb's Roadhouse} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Historical Society} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Independence Square} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Library} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Ma's Boarding House} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Newspaper} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Police Station} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {River Docks} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Science Building} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Silver Twilight Lodge} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {South Church} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {St. Mary's Hospital} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Train Station} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Unnamable (The)} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Unvisited Isle} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Velma's Diner} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Witch House (The)} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Woods} ×1
Vision of Hypnos {Ye Olde Magick Shoppe} ×1

BG Special Cards: Miscellaneous (8)
"One of the Thousand" Cult Membership ×8 

BG Special Cards: Cult Encounters (24)
A Simple Choice ×2 
Baptized in Blood ×1 
Birthing Chant ×1 
Blood Offering ×1 
Blood-Drenched Altar ×1 
Calling Forth the Darkness ×1 
Curious Endowment ×1 
Dance of the Chosen ×2 
No Turning Back ×2 
Questioned Loyalty ×1 
Startling Revelation ×1 
Teetering Sanity ×1 
Temptations of Power ×1 
The Chosen One ×1 
Tithes That Bind ×2 
Unbreakable Oath ×1 
Watching and Waiting ×2 
Whispers in Shadows ×2 

BG Special Cards: Green Corruption Cards (16)
Call the Beast ×2 
Creeping Doom ×2 
Downward Spiral ×2 
Endless Greed ×2 
Jealous Guardian ×2 
Nightmarish Visions ×2 
Primal Surge ×2 
Speak to Your Friend ×2 

BG Special Cards: Red Corruption Cards (16)
Fate and Fortune ×2 
Mental Paralysis ×2 
Ruination ×2 
Strength of Flesh ×2 
The Skin Crawls ×2 
Uncontrollable Rage ×2 
Vessel of the Mythos ×2 
Weakness of Mind ×2 


Monster Tokens

AH Black Monsters (Normal) (28) 
Cultist [moon] ×6 
Dhole [circle] ×1 
Elder Thing [diamond] ×2 
Formless Spawn [hexagon] ×2 
Ghoul [hexagon] ×3 
Gug [rectangle] ×2 
High Priest [cross] ×1 
Maniac [moon] ×3 
Star Spawn [cross] ×2 
Vampire [moon] ×1 
Witch [circle] ×2 
Zombie [moon] ×3 

AH Blue Monsters (Flying) (11)
Byakhee [circle] ×3 
Flying Polyp [hexagon] ×1 
Fire Vampire [star] ×2 
Mi-Go [circle] ×3 
Nightgaunt [rectangle] ×2 

AH Green Monsters (Unique) (4) 
Chthonian [triangle] ×2 
Hound of Tindalos [square] ×2 

AH Red Monsters (Fast) (4)
Dimensional Shambler [square] ×2 
Shoggoth [diamond] ×2 

AH Yellow Monsters (Stationary) (8)
Dark Young [hexagon] ×3 
Ghost [moon] ×3 
Warlock [circle] ×2 

AH Mask Monsters (5)
The Black Man [black/moon] 
The Bloated Woman [black/hexagon] 
The Dark Pharoah [black/rectangle] 
God of the Bloody Tongue [black/triangle] 
Haunter of the Dark [blue/square] 

DH Black Monsters (Normal) (5)
Cultist [moon] ×1 
Formless Spawn [hexagon] ×1 
Tcho-tcho [moon] ×2 
Wizard Whateley [circle] ×1 

DH Blue Monsters (Flying) (2)
Wraith [moon] ×2 

DH Green Monsters (Unique) (3)
Colour Out of Space [square] ×2 
Hunting Horror [diamond] ×1 

DH Red Monsters (Fast) (2)
Goat Spawn [hexagon] ×2 

DH Yellow Monsters (Stationary) (2)
Dark Young [hexagon] ×1 
Spectral Hunter [square] ×1 

DH Purple Monsters (Stalkers) (4)
Mummy [moon] ×1 
Rat-thing [circle] ×2 
Star Vampire [star] ×1 

DH Mask Monsters (1)
The Beast [Purple/hexagon] ×1 

DH Spawn Monsters (9)
The Dunwich Horror [Green/moon] ×1*
Child of Abhoth [Purple/moon] {Physical Immunity / Overwhelming 2} ×1
Child of Abhoth [Purple/moon] {Magical Immunity / Nightmarish 2} ×1
Child of Abhoth [Purple/moon] {Physical Resistance / Magical Resistance / Nightmarish 1 / Overwhelming 1}×1
Servant of Glaaki [black/moon] {discard 2 Clue tokens} ×1
Servant of Glaaki [black/moon] {discard 1 Common Item} ×1
Servant of Glaaki [black/moon] {discard 1 Unique Item} ×1
Servant of Glaaki [black/moon] {discard 1 Spell} ×1
Servant of Glaaki [black/moon] {discard 1 Skill}×1

* DH Dunwich Horror Combat Cards (7)
{Combat rating +0} ×1
{Combat rating -1} ×1
{Combat rating -2/Magical Immunity} ×1
{Combat rating -2/Physical Immunity} ×1
{Combat rating -3/Magical Resistance} ×1
{Combat rating -3/Physical Resistance} ×1
{Combat rating -4}

KY Spawn Monsters (3)
Riot [black/moon] {Miskatonic U. Streets} ×1
Riot [black/moon] {Northside Streets} ×1
Riot [black/moon] {Southside Streets} ×1

KH Black Monsters (Normal) (16)
Crawling One [circle] ×3 
Cultist [moon] ×1 
Formless Spawn [hexagon] ×1 
Ghast [circle] ×1 
Gnoph-Keh [square] ×1 
Leng Spider [rectangle] ×4 
Serpent People [moon] ×3 
Yithian [triangle] ×2 

KH Blue Monsters (Flying) (4)
Nightgaunt [rectangle] ×2 
Shan [triangle] ×2 

KH Green Monsters (Unique) (1)
Werewolf [moon] ×1 

KH Red Monsters (Fast) (1)
Tcho-Tcho Priest [moon] ×1 

KH Orange Monsters (Aquatic) (4)
Moon-beast [rectangle] ×2 
Skeleton [moon] ×2 

KH Mask Monsters (2)
Shadowy Figure [Green/moon] 
The Skinless One [Red/circle] 

BG Black Monsters (Normal) (3) 
Child of the Goat [hexagon] ×3 

BG Green Monsters (Unique) (1)
Dark Druid [hexagon] ×1 

BG Red Monsters (Fast) (2)
Goat Spawn [hexagon] ×2 

BG Yellow Monsters (Stationary) (3)
Dark Young [hexagon] ×3 


Gate Markers

AH Gate Markers (16)
Another Dimension ×2
The Abyss ×2
The City of the Great Race ×2
The Dreamlands ×2
Great Hall of Celeano ×2
Plateau of Leng ×2
R'lyeh ×2
Yuggoth ×2

DH Gate Markers (4)
Another Time {Diamond} ×1
Another Time {Square} ×1
Lost Carcosa {Circle} ×1
Lost Carcosa {Cross} ×1

KH Gate Markers (4)
The Underworld {Star} ×1
The Underworld {Hexagon} ×1
Unknown Kadath {Rectangle} ×1
Unknown Kadath {Triangle} ×1


Mythos Cards

AH Mythos Cards (67):

AH The Story Continues (1)
The Story Continues... 

AH Headlines (36)
All Quiet in Arkham! 
Big Storm Sweeps Arkham! 
Bizarre Dreams Plague Citizens! 
Blue Flu! 
Campus Security Increased! 
Church Group Reclaims Southside! 
City Gripped by Blackouts! 
Family Found Butchered! 
Feds Raid Arkham! 
Fourth of July Parade! 
Gangs Clean Up Easttown! 
Ghost Ship Docks by Itself! 
Goat-like Creature Spotted in Woods! 
Horror at Groundbreaking! 
Ill Wind Grips Arkham! 
Lodge Member Held for Questioning! 
Lodge Members Watch the Night! 
Manhunt in Arkham! 
Merchants March on Crime! 
Miskatonic Arctic Expedition Returns! 
Missing People Return! 
Picnickers Panic! 
Police Step Up Patrols in Northside! 
Private Security Hired in Uptown! 
Rivertown Residents Take Back Streets! 
Scientist Warns of Dimensional Rift! 
Sheldon Gang Turns to Police for Aid! 
Slum Murders Continue! 
Southside Strangler Suspected! 
Strange Lights on Campus! 
Strange Power Flux Plagues City! 
Strange Tremors Cease! 
Temperence Fever Sweeps City 
Terror at the Train Station! 
Vigilante Guards the Night! 
Witch Burning Anniversary! 

AH Environments (Mystic) (12)
A Strange Plague 
Blackest Night 
Blood Magic 
The Chill of the Grave 
Dreams of a Sunken City 
The Man in Black 
No One Can Help You Now 
Noden's Favor 
Planetary Alignment 
R'lyeh Rising 
Solar Eclipse 
Things of Darkness 

AH Environments (Urban) (7)
Alien Technology 
Curfew Enforced 
Darke's Carnival Arrives 
Egyptian Exhibit Visits Miskatonic U. 
Estate Sale 
The Festival 
Happy Days are Here Again 

AH Environments (Weather) (5)
An Evil Fog 
Heat Wave 
Icy Conditions 
Raining Cats and Dogs 
Sunny and Clear 

AH Rumors (6)
Disturbing the Dead 
Good Work Undone 
The Great Ritual 
The Southside Strangler Strikes 
The Stars Are Right 
The Terrible Experiment


DP Mythos Cards (18):

DP Headlines (9)
Bank Foreclosure 
Corpses Preserved 
Escape from Arkham Asylum! 
King of Cards Cancels Show 
Murder in the Museum 
Murderer at Large; Victims' Brains Missing 
Museum Artifacts Stolen 
Museum Haunted 
Strange Ornithological Sightings 

DP Environments (Mystic) (2)
A Dark Wind Covers Arkham 
Church Boycotts Exhibit 

DP Environments (Urban) (2) 
Clothing Drive 
Students Protest Museum Exhibit 

DP Environments (Weather) (3)
A Sandstorm? 
Plague of Insects 
River Breaches the Levees 

DP Rumors (2)
Cursed Relics 
Return to the Old Ways 


DH Mythos Cards (36):

DH Headlines (18)

Another Time, Another Place! 
Black Sabbath! 
Brutal Accident! 
Contagion Kills Life in Blasted Heath! 
Couriers in Town! 
Dunwich Villagers Drive Out Undesirables! 
Gossip Runs Wild! 
Horrifying Sight! 
Lynch Mob! 
Meteorite Spotted in Blasted Heath! 
Old Debts Come Due! 
Restful Day! 
Soothing Night! 
Stalkers in the Night! 
Strange Statue Destroyed! 
Strange Waves Subside! 
Whateley Family Fued Escalates! 
Whateleys Accused of Witchcraft! 

DH Environments (Mystic) (1)
Whippoorwills of Dunwich 

DH Environments (Urban) (6)
Along Came Jones 
Blue Plate Special 
Book Sale 
Help Wanted 
Neighborhood Sale 
Songs from the Woods 

DH Environments (Weather) (8)
Angry Red Skies 
Dark Skies 
Deathly Still 
Good Traveling Conditions 
Plague of Frogs 
The Tempest 

DH Rumors (3)
Mad Bomber 
Nightmare Pool 


KY Mythos Cards (27):

KY Headlines (14)
Bizarre Couriers 
Fund Drive for the Arts 
High Tides 
The Next Act Begins! {Black: Square/Diamond/Moon/Hexagon} ×3 
The Next Act Begins! {White: Square/Diamond/Moon/Hexagon} ×3 
Police Proclaim Cult Crackdown 
The Repairer of Reputations 
Theater Experiences Renewal! 
Uptown Hosts Famous Publisher 

KY Environments (Mystic) (3)
Aldeberan Ascendant 
Spawn of Yog-Sothoth 
Strength of the Earth 

KY Environments (Urban) (4) 
New Miskatonic U. Curriculum 
Off Broadway? 
Rash of Graffiti 
Strange Murders 

KY Environments (Weather) (4)
Mirages of Lakes 
Two Sunsets? 
Unusual Moonrises 

KY Rumors (2)
The Tattered King 
Virulent Disease 


KH Mythos Cards (22):

KH Headlines (13)
Break-In at Neil's!
Cops Sweep Kingsport! 
Dark Shapes at Dusk! 
Graverobbers Strike! 
Hellene Sighted! 
Local Heiress Missing! 
Pickpocket Ring at Large! 
Strange Sightings! {Black: Square/Diamond/Moon/Hexagon} ×1 
Strange Sightings! {White: Square/Diamond/Moon/Hexagon} ×1 
Strange Visions Cease! 
Traveller Lost in Fog! 
Unusual Phenomenon Sighted in Arkham! 
Wild Visions Plague City! 

KH Environments (Mystic) (3)
Time After Time 
Worlds Drifting Apart 

KH Environments (Urban) (2) 
Corpse Garden 
The Doors of Sleep 

KH Environments (Weather) (1)
Kingsport Mists 

KH Rumors (3)
World Torn Asunder 


BG Mythos Cards (23)

BG Headlines (14)
Charity Auction! 
Checkered Cab Trials Begin! 
Construction Crew Conundrum! 
Lightning Strikes Twice! 
Mysterious Crates Found Empty! 
Pets and Wildlife Mutilated! 
Rash of Missing Persons! 
Strange Sightings! ×3 
Strange Whispers Promise Vengeance! 
Superstitions Abound! 
Tongue-Tied Teacher Taunted! 
Vivisection Victim! 

BG Environments (Mystic) (3)
Fires in the Night 
Horns of the Black Goat 
Rituals of Power 

BG Environments (Urban) (2) 
Gypsy Caravan 
Parazoologist Visits Miskatonic U. 

BG Environments (Weather) (2)
Full Moon 
Funnel Clouds 

BG Rumors (2)
Endlessly Breeding 
One Thousand Young

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a request should already be in the works


I added, expanded and corrected it a bit, but as the first post says, most of the work was already done on the old forums. It is still missing a few things, and there is at least one more expansion to go... hopefully we'll be able to edit posts one day. I'll add it to the wiki, too, so it'll at least be editable there.


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Rorkror said:


Some one has a portal card list, cause I am missing  5 ot them and i don't know wich one. 1 red and 4 yellow. Dunwich Expansion.





Is this what you mean?

Countless voices chitter and gibber in the caves, driving you to the brink of insanity and causing your arcane lore to become jumbled. Roll a die for each Spell you have, discarding it on a failure.
Thrown back millions of years, you find that you have swapped bodies with an alien being. Make a Luck (-2) check to try and find a way to switch back. If you pass, return to Arkham. If you fail, you are devoured.
A hideous monster appears!
1 - Abyss
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
Pass a Luck (-2) check or the shadowy creatures capture you and torture you for days. Draw 1 Injury and 1 Madness card, then discard one of them of your choice. If you pass, you escape with the idol's jeweled eyes. Gain $5.
In the far-flung future, you are witness to an Earth that lies in ruin, populated only by hideous beetles. You return wiser, but your mind is unhinged by the experience. Gain 3 Clue tokens, but lose 3 Sanity.
A terrible monster appears!
1 - Abyss
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
If Nyarlathotep is the Ancient One, then an elephantine shantak picks you up in its claws and deposits you before the Crawling Chaos himself. Laughing at the futility of your quest, Nyarlathotep hurls you away using his powers. You are lost in time and space. If Nyarlathotep is not the Ancient One, nothing happens.
Pass a Luck (-2) check to escape back to the present with a precious object. Draw 1 Unique Item. If you fail, you are stranded in the medieval village. Stay here next turn.
Struggling to hold your breath, you cannot seem to find the surface of the mysterious sea. Lose 1 Sanity and 1 Stamina.
1 - Plateau of Leng
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
The poison from the purple spider's bite courses through your veins. Roll 3 dice. If you roll no successes, draw 1 Injury card. If you roll at least 1 success, nothing happens.
Hurtled forward in time, you witness mankind's final moments. Pass a Will (-2) check or draw a Madness card.
The fumes overcome you at last, causing you to sink into a dreamless sleep. Stay here next turn.
1 - Plateau of Leng
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
If Cthulhu is the Ancient One, then a green, flabby arm reaches out of the shadows towards you. Pass a Speed (+1) [3] check or you are devoured. If Cthulhu is not the Ancient One, nothing happens.
You realize that the Hound has seen you as you gazed at it across the ages. If there is a Hound of Tindalos in the monster cup, it appears.
Although you believe that you've found a way home, the path looks perilous. You may roll 3 dice, losing 1 Stamina for each failure you roll. If you are not reduced to 0 Stamina, you may return to Arkham.
1 - R'lyeh
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
The island has begun to sink back beneath the waves. If you do not hurry, the ocean will swallow you as well! Pass a Speed (-2) check or you are reduced to 0 Stamina.
Finding yourself in a primordial jungle, you are attacked by savage hominids directed by a hovering brain covered in black tentacles. Either pass a Speed (-1) [2] check or discard a Dynamite card to escape from them, gaining 2 Clue tokens in the process. If you do not escape, lose 2 Stamina and stay here next turn.
The endless forest refuses to give up its mysteries. No encounter.
1 - R'lyeh
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
The ghouls show you a secret tunnel under the graveyard. Return to Arkham, but lose 1 Sanity.
Pass a Luck (-2) check to wake up in an unfamiliar place. You find that you have become another person in a distant time. Years pass a you are married, raise a family, grow old, and finally die. However, it seems that you no sooner close your eyes for the final time than you open them again right back where you started, but with the memories of an extra lifetime. Draw 2 Skills, discarding 1 of them.
The sucking mouths drain enough of your blood to leave you dizzy. Lose 1 Stamina.
1 - The Dreamlands
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
While trudging through the rocky terrain, a stone slips out from under your foot. Pass a Luck (-1) check or you tumble to the bottom of the hill. If you are in the second area of the Dreamlands, move to the first area. If you are in the first area, stay here next turn.
Awakening, you find yourself in a Victorian masked ball. The night passes in a blur. Stay here next turn.
The ground shifts under your feet, sending you tumbling head over heels. Lose 1 Stamina.
1 - The Dreamlands
2 - Another Time
3 - Other
In your wanderings through the city, you come across a strangely marked stone of onyx. Pass a Lore (-1) check to read it and draw 1 Spell. If you fail, stay here next turn.
Resting beside the cobbled lane as the shadows grow long in the abandoned streets, you wonder if you'll live to see this thing through. No encounter.
Looking at the vast distances you still have to cross, you feel as though all is lost. Lose 1 Sanity.
1 - City of the Great Race
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
Make a Luck (-1) [2] check. If you pass, one of the alien scientists imparts a great secret to you. If you have fewer than 5 Clue tokens, you gain enough to bring your total to 5. If you fail, nothing happens.
Looking up at the shrouded sky, you are startled to see two moons. Lose 1 Sanity.
Although your journey has been perilous, you've found a possible way to get home. Pass a Luck (-1) check to return to Arkham.
1 - City of the Great Race
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
The inhuman ghosts of Sarnath grope and grasp at your flesh as you run through the city in terror. Pass a Will (-1) check or lose 2 Sanity.
Hearing the sounds of approaching footsteps and tattered cloth blowing in the wind, you are abruptly terrified. Pass a Will (-2) check or you flee from this place as fast as you can. Return to Arkham, but do not gain an explored token.
It seems that no matter where you go, there are always thieves waiting to prey upon the unwary. Lose $2.
1 - Dreamlands
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
Finding a small, rusted mirror lying on the shore, you can sense immense power within it. If you want, you may gaze into the mirror. If you do so, draw 1 Madness card and become Blessed. If you do not gaze into the mirror, nothing happens.
Shivering, you feel the light of a baleful star upon you, but upon looking up, you see only darkness where you know the star to be. Either lose 3 Sanity or you are Cursed.
It seems as though you've run out of options for now, so you must bide your time. Stay here next turn.
1 - R'lyeh
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
The mottled green stone that the city is carved from seems to whisper to you of the vastness of space and the horror of the things that live therein. Lose 1 Sanity.
If Hastur is the Ancient One, then you are in grave danger. The exiled King in Yellow is coming. Pass a Horror (+0) [3] check or you are devoured. If Hastur is not the Ancient One, nothing happens.
A monster appears!
1 - R'lyeh
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
Pass a Luck (-1) check to be permitted an audience with King Kuranes. He tells you of many things of importance in the Dreamlands. Gain 2 Clue tokens.
Peering up at the towers of the city, the rising moon appears to you to be in front of them rather than behind. Lose 1 Sanity.
The only way forward now is a terrifying leap off a cliff. Pass a Will (-2) check or stay here next turn.
1 - The Dreamlands
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
Pass a Luck (-2) check to avoid becoming lost in the icy, dark valleys that predominate here. If you fail, stay here next turn.
Frustrated and alone, you cry out, and your voice echoes through the city streets. Instantly, you realize that you shouldn't have done that. You are Cursed.
Although you try your best, you are unable to hang on any longer. If you are in the second area of this Other World, move to its first area. If you are in its first area, you are lost in time and space.
1 - Yuggoth
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other
The light of the stars is gathered here, on this distant planet. Curious, you bathe yourself in it and find yourself healed and transfigured. Either restore your Stamina to its maximum value or discard 1 of your Injury cards.
You walk around the shores of Lake Hali, seeking to reach the distant and shrouded city that sits there. However, no matter how far you walk, it always remains on the far side of the lake. Stay here next turn.
A monster appears!
1 - Yuggoth
2 - Lost Carcosa
3 - Other

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Rorkror said:


Hey dude thank you very much. At least now i can make theme with the strange eons. Where did you find that list?



I made the list.  Through most of Kingsport, I typed every card into my little Excel spreadsheet.  But once BGotW got here (and I was finishing up KH) I realized that my Adobe Acrobat had an OCR function.  So I scanned most of the rest and just worked on formatting (which was still as time consuming but saved my poor wrists from Carpal Tunnel).  I still had to type some in, like the Cult Encoutner cards of BG because the text was too small and the border to noisy to grab anything worth while from it.

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ColtsFan76 said:

I made the list.  Through most of Kingsport, I typed every card into my little Excel spreadsheet.  But once BGotW got here (and I was finishing up KH) I realized that my Adobe Acrobat had an OCR function.  So I scanned most of the rest and just worked on formatting (which was still as time consuming but saved my poor wrists from Carpal Tunnel).  I still had to type some in, like the Cult Encoutner cards of BG because the text was too small and the border to noisy to grab anything worth while from it.


I have to say, that is really impressive!  How much time do you think you put into that spreadsheet?

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