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Hello, I had a few questions about the game's rules.

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A few minutes ago, I had made a topic regarding my joining, and saying I had a few questions, so here they are:



The level 1 Jack Skellington in Break of Dawn says that if Halloween Town is my topmost world card, and he is in my discard pile at the beginning of my draw phase, I may put him in my friend area. Does that mean if he's in my discard pile at ALL while HT is in play, or if I had discarded him the turn I played HT?


Valor and Wisdom form, I have both, does this mean if I play Wisdom BEFORE Valor, I'm stuck with Wisdom the whole game? Or can I discard it, and the cards I need to play Valor?


Break of Dawn's Pegasus says I may draw a card any time a Olympus Coliseum card comes into play, this includes friends, worlds, equipment, and enemies as well, such as the Hydra, correct?



The rule book says you may use Magic cards to attack opponents, according to the text, but fire/blizzard/etc says it affects Dark cards. Can they be used in a challenge? In addition, do older magic cards only affect Dark/Heartless cards, or do they affect Nobodies as well?




The Olympus Coliseum Level 3 from Break of Dawn states that "No Magic cards may be played here", does that include Magic/Friends, and does that disable the opponent as well?




Olympia says that it adds +3 to your attack value if your topmost world card is Olympus Coliseum, but in the attack bonus it already says +3. Does this mean if you have OC as your world, you get +6, or does the added bonus only take affect on OC?

Kingdom Key, if my level 3 Sora fights against a Level 2 Riku, Riku beats me with it, that means I lose two HP at the end of it instead of one? And what if my level 3 Valor has it against, say, a level 4 card? Do they lose 3 HP instead of 2?




I have a base set Shadow, and three Break of Dawn Shadow, and they say that I may have as many copies of said card as I choose. Does that mean I can use my base set Shadow as well?


Tornado Step says I may play it on my opponent's first world card, and in each of their draw phases do it moves up, and gets stronger, does this mean if my opponent has 3 world cards, all of them level 3, I may play it on the first card, and they cannot battle it untill it reaches the top card, and if they play no other world cards when it does, its POW is 9?





You may only play a level 1 friend, and if he remains in your friend area, you may play a level 2, then 3, and then 4, but if the 1, 2, and 3 get discarded, I can play level 0-4, because the level 4 is in play, right?


In a battle/challenge, say Donald has 4 MP, and doesn't participate in a battle with his attack value, but I can only use, say, Firaga with him, and do so, I must discard Donald because he uses Magic?


In a battle/challenge, can I add somebody's attack value, then have the same character use Magic?


I hope I don't sound completely noobish, but we just started playing a few days ago, and we're really confused by some of these rules. Thanks ahead of time.

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Oh, I have one more question, and there doesn't appear to be an Edit button. >_>


Does damage you do to enemy cards add up, or do you need enough attack power to take it out in one turn?


Hydra 25 POW

Turn 1: Sora does 4 Damage, Donald does 2 Damage

Turn 2: Hydro 19 POW

Sora does 4 Damage, Jack does 4

Turn 3: Hydra 11 POW


And so on, and so on..

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Urgh...I just made a huge post quoting each part individually and answering the questions in full and my Firefox crashed...

And quotes aren't working properly so I'm going to break your questions down numerically:
1. So long as Jack is in your discard pile and HT is your topmost world card at the start of your draw phase then that is when the effect activates.

2. You can discard a Form at any time after you've changed into that Form. And in the case of Valor form, it is discarded when you lose a challenge.

3. Correct.

4. Indeed you can use Magic cards in challenges, and yes, they do affect Nobodies as well.

5. The effect of a World card only takes effect whenever you or your opponent or on that particular World. When you are battling Dark cards, or when your opponent challenges you are times when you are considered to be on your World, as well as during the rest of your normal turn. When you challenge your opponent, the challenge is resolved on their world and vice versa.

6. Yes, you get +6 support then.

7. Indeed. Kingdom Key does damage in addition to normal HP lost in a challenge, so the two instances you've put forward are both correct.

8. I'm not sure...We still need an errata on Set IV reprints as opposed to their earlier set counterparts.

9. It's POW would be 10 actually. It' gets +X support, where X is the level of World cards it has travelled through, and it retains it's original POW 1 as well.

10. Indeed you can.

11. No you don't since he didn't participate in the challenge.

12. Yes you can.

13. No, damage doesn't stack, unfortunately. You have to destroy Dark cards in one big attack.


I hope this helps you ^_^

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Thank you very VERY much, some of these things have bugged us, and we don't know anybody in the area who could help us, so I turn to my friendly neighborhood forum. ^_^

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