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erebor battle master

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On 4/7/2015 at 5:35 AM, Nerdmeister said:

Nah he was way too powerful.


Rule of thumb: if there is no reason to not include a card in your deck (auto-include by some people) then the card is too powerful.

The original Erebor Battle Master doesn't fit that description, since he would only be auto-include with an all-dwarf hero lineup.  However, there's nothing at all unusual about cards that are auto-include *for a specific setup*, dwarf decks in particular have a bunch of them.

Without an overpowered Battle Master, I think tactics is now the least popular sphere for dwarven swarms -- the other three spheres have heroes that benefit from or enable the swarm, while tactics does not.  If Dain's on the table you're not generally short of attack once the swarm is going, and you need the swarm to already be present to make the battle master worth playing.  It's too late now, but I think a maximum attack value would've been a better fix than the one he got.

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