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Alpha Xg1

Tarkin's Ability - For the life of me, please clarify.

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Hi guys,


As the title says, I need resolution on Tarkin and his ability - once and for all:




"...you may choose 1 command."


It is this part that has me confused.




A Victory Star Destroyer has a Command Stack of 3.


This was set at the beginning of the first round to execute in the order of:


Turn 1: Engineering Dial


Turn 2: Navigation Dial


Turn 3: Concentrate Fire


Let's say, the Engineering Dial in Turn 1 executed as desired and when Turn 1 ended, the Turn 4 Command Dial was selected as Engineering and and placed at the bottom of the Command Stack.


So now the Command Stack appears as:


Turn 2: Navigation Dial


Turn 3: Concentrate Fire


Turn 4: Engineering Dial


Now, it is time for Turn 2, so ordinarilly the Navigation Dial should be executed at the appropriate time in this turn -however things haven't gone as planned, making a Navigation Dial in this turn, pointless. (Aside from banking it as a Token for later use.)


Finally, we get to the matter: Tarkin's ability.


Can we, instead of executing the Turn 2 Navigation Dial, select a new Command Dial, say Concentrate Fire Dial, to use in Turn 2?


My (most likely incorrect) reading of Tarkin's ability is that, he effectively turns a Multi-Command Stack ship (such as the VSD) into a Command Stack 1 ship (like the Corevette), able to choose Command Dials at the beginning of each Ship Phase, making it incredibly flexible on the battlefield.


Thanks guys!





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I would say no.  If you look at the last page of the rules, the Reference Guide, you will see that the Reveal Command Dial is a part of the Ship Phase.  This card says at the start of the Ship Phase.  So, even before the other player exercises his initiative if he has it, and before you reveal any of your own command dials, you hand out tokens to all friendly ships of your chosen command icon. (but remember no ship can have more than one token of matching icon).  The command dials are unchanged.  More importantly, command tokens have different and reduced effects than their matching command dial, and this cards says to hand out tokens to each of yours ships.  (Your flagship with Tarkin is considered a friendly ship unto itself).


There are many upgrade cards that specifically state, that after revealing a command dial, friendly ships can get the matching token.  There are other cards that say (after a cost) that you can change the command dial.  Tarkin does not say you can change your command dial.

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now I am more confused


Haha, sorry my friend. At least we'll get this out of the way once consensus weighs in. :D


Yeah, you're over-complicating it.


There are four commands. They can exist as either dials or tokens. Tarkin chooses one of the four commands, and hands it out in token form.


Yes, I believe I am. Although the heavy 35 Point 'tax' influenced my thinking.


The way I listed it though, sounds more like an ability Grand Admiral Thrawn would have. (Circles within circles.) :D


Thank you, friends, for all for your input. :wub:

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