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Considering playing, have a few questions

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In the anima tactics section of the site, there was a character listed named "Momiji" when I click to view the image, it redirects me, so I was wondering if there is a preview of her mini or her rules? secondly I was wondering if Momiji could be played in the same force as Saint Astraega.

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No picture of Momiji has been released yet, nor has thier been an official sighting of her card, however spoilers from A-kon (provided by Melon-neko) have her as a Dark/Samael character so she can't be used in the same force as Saint Astreaga who is a Light/Church Character.

Prowler ~lvl 45

12/16 movement


She has a charge attack that can't be intercepted and may only be used while hidden.

She has a 2 cost ability to turn intangible for the turn

she has a 8" ranged attack that cannot be shielded or dodged. May only be used while hidden

Kagebunshin - Cost: 1AP, Reactive. Once per game
Whenever she would be reduced to 0 life, instead remove her from play and put a "Decoy counter" in her current location. At the end of the turn, return her to play within 4" (i think it's 4") with the same amount of life she had before she would have been reduced to 0.

She probably has other abilities as well as she is suppose to appear over 2 cards.

- Raith

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