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Golaith's Teeth

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Based on Geoff Robinson's (EGINcontroL) army of Tyranids :)  Enjoy

Goliath's Teeth

Reloading. Goddamn gun reloading. There is no time. Never time with Tyranids. I clutch my shotgun, as the battery behind me quiets down. They're reloading too? Or are they just out of ammo? May the Emperor save us all. I see it, on the horizon. If it was any other day, I would think it was the yellow light of the sun rising, but no. Those yellow wave are bringing death and destruction, the blades and teeth of hunger, the horrible plague that is going to eat us all. I put the last round into the barrel of my good ol' shotty, as I watch over the trench. Soon now. Hive Fleet Goliath, it has eaten two planets already, Monir, our sector, won't last much longer. And that's what gets me, that's what gets all of us, that there is nothing I or anyone can do to stop this. No matter how many we kill, more will come. With most you can negotiate, even barter at times. By the throne, if things are dire, you could sell your soul to the dark gods. But... With these creatures, with these abominations, there is no way to reason with them, their mindless heads know only one instinct, they are programmed to do one thing and one thing only. They are programmed for Hunger.
I lift my weapon, waiting for the rest of my squadron to follow. I'm pretty sure everyone in this forsaken trench knows our fate. The young Lort is kissing the Aquila on his necklaces, praying to the God-Emperor and his forgiveness.
- A bit too late for that. - I pat him on the back. He will probably die first. I see the Commissar lighting his stick, smoking away, nervous.
- Here Vincent... - He looks at me, cracking a smile, offering me a drag. He's never been this generous in his life. We are all going to die, aren't we?
I gaze upon the first wave coming. Hormogaunts, stepping on each other so eager, trying to get to us as soon as. I can hear them chanting silently: "Hunger. Hunger. Hunger."
The battery goes of, making my ears ring. They ain't out of ammo yet. Tratatatatata! The massive bolt shells light up the air, whistling their way into battle, biting into the flash of that yellow wave of death that is coming right at us. A green object flies by my head, somebody threw a grenade out of fear, probably Lort. Seconds later, the blast consumes a dozen of them, never to be seen again. Great, only a trillion, nine hundred thousand and eight left. And that's in the first wave. My index finger moves to the trigger, they are going to be in range in Three... Two... BOOM! I miscalculated. The lifeless bodies topple next to me, their limbs flying left and right. The wave, it's endless just like they say. The battery goes quite, forever to stay that way, the screams from the inside don't sound human. I don't want to know what happened in there. The minute passes, we can hold no longer, the trench is breached. I see the light stick on the floor the severed hand still gripping on to it. The world hazes, before going fully black, next thing I know, a shadow is over me, something big and dangerous. A Tyranid Warrior, with flesh sharp blades on it's hands, it's mouth dribbling with red. The thing trips me with its tail, I fall on my back hurting and shouting. The creature glances at my pain, curious. It probably doesn't know what pain is. The beast raises his blades, the light of the real sun shining on them, making them look like real metal. They go down, blocking the sun. I close my eyes... And then
I hear a Bolger go off. Opening my eyes, I see the one handed Commissar shooting with his left hand, crippling the warrior who stands on me. A quick swipe is all it takes, his head rolls from his shoulders. But the distraction was enough for me. When the warrior looks back at me, it only sees a shotgun barrel staring back at him.

- EAT. MY. BOOMSTICK!!!!!! - the blast goes throughout its head releasing a giant fountain of green liquid. I smile, for a second forgetting where I am, and who I'm facing. But as the second passes, I realize, there is only one thing here, in numbers. Teeth. 

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