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Boggs The Rat

Differences between the new edition and the "classic" 2nd edition?

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I am a fan of (and own) the classic 2nd edition of Talisman with all the expansions except Talisman Dragons.

Could someone summarise for me how this new FFG edition is different from that?

I know that the new edition has added a "Fate" statistic. But what else has changed?

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I read the rule book yesterday. I didn't notice any changes from the way I've always played the 2nd edition. But again I never read the 2nd editions rule book, I only learnt those rules off a friend.

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One big difference between 2nd and newcoming 4th revised (and 4th from black industries) was to get craft points during combat, you collect points like strength ability (whereas in 2nd on paragraph 2.4 craft can only be gained as a result of encounters). 1 point every 7 enemy points collected. Other difference was the fate system (die reroll) and some minor corrections.

You can look the 2nd edition rules here. 4th edition rules are in the official website here in ffg, under support.

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Somewhere, but probably lost, I typed up a report on the exact changed between v2 and v4, it was originally on BI forums, and I'm not sure if it was pulled to the old FFG Forum... but from the top of my head...

Desert is now DRAW 1 CARD space

Spaces are larger (Board is larger)

A few rules tweeking, sorry I can't think of them off the top of my head (still looking for that old BI Post... HELP anyone?)

and the change from V4 to FFG's Version 4 (4.1? 4.5? not sure what FFG is calling it)

'Fate' = Rerolls or Muligans.... Which will immediately be removed from my game. I personally think it was the WORST move in Talisman history.


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Rett said:

and the change from V4 to FFG's Version 4 (4.1? 4.5? not sure what FFG is calling it)


simply 4th revised.

unfortunately black industries site and forums are no longer available because all intellectual property (warhammer rpg, games like talisman...) have been acquired by Fantasy Flight.

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Dang it if TI doesnt ROCK  (TalismanIsland)  he found my document




ok I found the original post: This was a comparison of the Whole Game, not just the board itself.

Topic: Differences between E2 and E4
Posted: 11/Oct/2007 at 09:03

If you are considering purchasing Edition 4, expecting 'Alot' of differences or 'Major' changes, here is what you can look forward to.

(Sorry to skip over E3 but I never played it.)

Please add to this thread any "Differences" that you notice, rules or whatever.


1) Major Difference - Size of the playing board it is 50% Larger, and New Art work.

2) Major Difference - Size of the Adventure, Spell and Purchase cards. They are considerably larger and easier to read (for us Old Farts) and New Art Work.

3) Minor Difference - Plastic 'Counters' for Life, Strength, and Craft, vice cardboard counters. These are a little hard to read, be prepared to purchase WHITE Fingernail Polish or Paint for the numbers, to make them easier for use old farts to read.

4) Minor Difference - Plastic Coins replace bags of gold cardboard counters.

5) Minor Difference - Large, stand up cut outs of the different characters and toads, vice a little paper rectangle.

*RULES and GAME Mechanics*

6) Major Difference - Craft can be gained for every *7* points of craft monsters defeated.

7) Major Difference - Spell Casting Limitations - In their turn, the maximum number of Spells a character may cast is equal to the number of spells, and whichever spells they possessed at the start of that Turn. A Character may only cast one Spell during another Character's Turn. This does not apply to the Command Spell. (If you ALWAYS have a Spell due to the Wand or Ability, you draw your 'new' spell at the end of your turn)

8) Major Difference - Mules are *NO LONGER* OBJECTS, they are considered 'FOLLOWERS' "The mule can carry an extra 4 objects for you while it is your follower. If you lose the mule, you will leave any surplus objects of your choice in the space you are in."
I.E Mules can be 'Mesmerised' by the spell but NOT 'Acquisitioned' by the spell, hence if you win a character to character battle, you can no longer 'take' the mule, as its no longer an object.

8.1) Major Difference - The text "You May visit" on the Village and City is now gone. So you MUST visit one of the three shops, when you land on these spaces.

8.2) Minor Difference - Market Day card now allows everyone to buy from a temporary Market rather than trade with each other.

**Magic Items**

9) Orb of Knowledge:
  (Edition 4) "While the Orb of Knowledge is in your possession, it allows you to draw 1 more adventure card than required. you may then discard the one you do not wish to encounter, but you must encounter the other."
-- Nothing mentions only 1 use it *DOES* Differ from Orb of Knowledge (Edition 2) The orb of knowledge has ONE charge (etc)

**Things that didnt change from E2 to E4.**

Most and foremost, the Rules are mostly the same (except for the few I mentioned above) and unfortuately, the same typos and rules that are 'open to debate'.

Edited: to add two more differences, 8.1 and 8.2 (thanks MerricB)
Edited: Removed the note of 2 guide (follower) cards, there were infact 2 guide (follower) cards in E2 (TalismanIsland is *GOD*)
Edited: Added ORB OF KNOWLEDGE Change
I'm so confused...the rules keep changing !

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