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Battlefield bling!

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I was originally going to recycle my recent Xwing debris and asteroid builds but figured they would look a little naff so I decided to miniaturise everything to create replacements for the tokens in Armada...say hello to my mini me-teorites!

WIP, hopefully have them cast and painted in the next week or two


And of course the station itself


Loads of ideas for different scenery and stations at this scale, going to have some fun!

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It is mate, represents quite a deal with the extras we are giving away with it too. Also pretty sure we are going to include a full set of tokens with the station rather than the couple first stated, means a lot more work on our side but it's a big thank you to backers, a lot of whom backed our previous stuff. We will probably sell them as separate sets after the KS at a slightly increased cost as we under-estimated the number of tokens and my ability to over complicate things by wanting stuff to look more pretty :P

Next couple of updates should confirm everything, most difficult thing right now is trying to stop making stuff for 5 minutes and clear my table so I can take some update pictures!

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Thanks for the link major, I never feel easy linking my own stuff, its a terrible flaw I have, never make a good businessman...I love the hobby too much!


Right, had a little time to assemble 3D replacements for the Xwing debris, shuttle, escape pod and satellite tokens. Also assembled the Armada debris and asteroid token replacements....now to find some time to splash a little paint on them!

Armada debris and Asteroid tokens



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Sweet!  Have you considered doing any "space debris" in an X-Wing Scale as well?  I'd buy that for a dollar :D


.....And I see that was your first KS!  I'll have to look at the website when I get home!  Cheers!

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They can simply be 'unplugged' from the base if need be invisiblecalm

not printed, sculpted by my own fair hands then cast, they were available from our kickstarter but once we have fulfilled all the backers they should drop into our shop items I have lots more weird and wonderful stuff planned!

In the meantime though, finished painting up the larger ships from the core sets, I can now sit back and wait for wave 1 to land :)

destroyer, top half blinged over, bottom half stock, quick and easy and effective at this scale








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WIP on the classic QX type platform for Armada, lets call this the QX-1 as I will no doubt be accessorising it much like our larger station! Probably will come with the cute little dinky Container barge, a mini-me version of our Xwing barge. what to create next? Any suggestions welcome, I'm really enjoying this!






Also WIP on a miniature version of our Xwing scum base. Figured with wave 2 incoming those little rascals are going to need a base of operation smile. Like its big brother I am keeping things quite modular and free form so the little entrance on the side can be used as a secret escape hatch or attach the extra pad and it raises its capacity to launch more fighters maybe? the little pad at the back is an optional thing too, complete with docking boom for the larger ships! For a little extra fun I miniaturised our T-42 Armoured Dumplings so the little guy has some orbital defense platforms too, weapons are interchangeable so build things as your scenario requires.... so many ideas...so little time!





The Universe is getting busy!


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QX and Scum base came out nice, will see about getting them assembled and painted ASAP! hopefully be in the webstore next week


Now to try and find some time to open that big box of wave 1 ships that's been sat in the shed for over a week! GAH

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