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First game and had a blast!

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Character start was Helo (Me), Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, Tom Zarek & Starbuck.  Highlights were:


-President Zarek revealed as a Cylon and airlocked by Tyrol

-President Helo!  He was next in the political succession.  He made a surprisingly good President according to our very experienced player because of his OPT ability

-Anders reveals as a Sympathetic Cylon and passes off a "You Are A Cylon" card to Admiral Tigh

-Admiral Tigh reveals to do damage to the Galactica and nuke a civvie ship before running off to the Resurrection Ship, leading to...

-Admiral/President Helo!  Apparently, he was next in the succession for that too...

-CAG Starbuck sacrifices herself to take out a truly massive number of Raiders, leading to...

-President/Admiral/CAG Helo!  That's right, I had all three titles, which was nerve-wracking because I still only get one action per turn.  So, I went to Colonial One and made...

-President Tyrol

-The player who previously had Starbuck comes back as Cally, so I make...

-CAG Cally


Great game overall.  I was worried that it felt too easy when we started because we had two (three) pilots and were sweeping up Raiders and were doing well on resources.  Then cut to Jump 6 when we're so low on Fuel and Morale that we decide that our only chance of escaping the two Basestars, 7-8 Raiders and Centurion boarding parties was to jump early at a -3.  I mean, what's a few units of Population compared to the survival of the Human race? Then we have to do it again, ending with 0 Fuel, 3 Population, 6 Food and 1 Morale after the Final Jump.


Humans Win!

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That was a good synopsis.  (All the highlights, but short!).   If you keep playing you won't see the 3 title thing again anytime soon.  Helo for player 1 so totally rocks.  I would not have predicted a happy ending for the 3 humans you ended up with!  

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