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Food Eater Lad

Arkham Horror Band Names

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While in our sixth hour of gaming, we all got a bit silly and started making band names inspired by Arkham Horror.    I wish I could remember all of them, but Chthulhu's Dreams mess with you.



So in no order, here are some names for bands inspired by the Arkham Horror Board Game.    Feel free to use them for your band, but  mention me in your liner notes!



The Black Goats


Dagon and the Deep Ones


The Yellow Kings


Monster Surge


And my favorite, a death speed metal band from Norway  DOOM TOKEN.

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Ok had to change my list halfway trough because there is already a lot of Mythos themed metal out there:


These are all existing bands:




Unaussprechlichen Kulten


Al Azif


R'lyeh (Devourment)

Cthulhu Rites



Here's my own stuff (along with what type of metal I imagine they would play):


Doom Track (Doom metal)

Elder SIgN (Black metal)

Unseen Forces (Death metal)

Sheldon Gang (nu-metal)

Cursed (Doom metal)

Azathoth (Doom Metal)

Midnight Strikes (Nu-metal)

Devil's Bargain (Heavy metal)

Red Die (Heavy metal)

Ancient one (Folk metal)

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Welp, now I definitely have Roxette stuck in my head.  Thanks, all.


(That sounds sarcastic, but really, thank you.)



She's got the look, the Innsmouth look

She's got the look, the Innsmouth look

What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn green

and become scabrous, bald, and sprout gills and baleen

and I go

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