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Who's Playing Talisman this Weekend?

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I will be gaming, but probably not Talisman this weekend. RoboRally is/was on the list, but some non-gamers are showing up, so we're probably playing some social or party games. And has to be kid friendly. Since I own the most games, I will be bringing a bunch of these type. Ca$h n Guns, Bang! the card game or the dice game, Wits & Wagers Family edition, maybe Werewolf.

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I did not play any Talisman as I had already thought would happen. Didn't play any epic or what our group would call "gamer" games. I introduced more basic games since we had a non gamer with us and her kids.


I introduced Pit to them, it went over well, even my gamer friends liked it. It is re-themed with Mario, as in Super Mario.


I also introduced Jamaica, they had mixed feelings about that. The guy who won did not like it.


I also introduced Werewolf. This went over great! After the non gamers left we kept playing. We probably played between 12-20 games of Werewolf.


Then on Monday I did something new. I been wanting to play other games that my group doesn't have interest in. (games other than  Talisman, I know sacrilege right?). And based on several references I went to meetup.com and found a local group. One guy there who heard I played Talisman a lot wants to play! :lol: I don't think we could squeak a game of Talisman on a week night, but maybe without all the Dragon expansion my friends use, and with less people it could happen, I will have to see. Anyways I had a blast there and now will be gaming every Monday night! :D


I almost forgot. Today on Tuesday, is the monthly family get together. So I had another night of gaming. We played Bang! the dice game (twice) and Beyond Balderdash.


Lots of gaming in the last few days, it was awesome!!!

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