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The Imperium of Man

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Hello again!


This time I bring to you a speculative Imperium of Man map in ENGLISH :D. It's based on the work of M00nprophet with a few changes:

  • More simplicity and visibility.



As always, I will appreciate your critics and suggestions.




Inconsistencies and suggestions:

  • This map is not accurate.
  • There are two Priam sectors in M00nprohet map (one in Segmentum Obscurus and another in Ultima Segmentum). It's quite odd, but I don't know which is wrong.
  • Mandragora sector is probably situated between Finial, Scarus and Askellon sectors.
  • All sectors are smaller and probably separated from others (void gaps and unknown regions inside the Imperium)
  • We could place all fan sectors indicating with some kind of symbol that was fan created and not an official sector map like Calixis or Koronus Expanse.
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Btw, just FYI...


I used Taninim to create Abidel Sector.


Oh, and there seems to be some disagreement on where Mandragora sector is, but as best Cogniczar and the others could figure, it should be somewhere between Finial, Scarus, and Askellon.

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I'm with you. I only redesigned the original map to be readable, I don't corrected it. Well, that's what you sohuld not do with your projects xD


Yesterday I talked with M00nprophet, the original map maker, and this was his answer:


"To help you on your endeavor some of the sectors are in the right spots, alot of others are guesswork in the Segmentums, others i have just randomly put to fill out possitions! But i dont got a list on which are right and wrongly placed sadly. But ALL sector names are fluff, mentioned somewere in books, wikis, rpgs, game and so on. Tho im actually missing a few "new" ones i have come by. These ones are not represented on my map atm.


Deinora sector

Haxan Sector

Leyak Sector

Byridice Sector

Helican Sector, spinward of eye of terror

Demeter Sector


Edit: Ooh yeah wanted to add my sectors are "Too" big actually i generalized their "size" to cover the galaxy. but most sectors are actually much much smaller and most of the sectors got lightyears of "empty" space between them, im thinking of trying to make a map with that "spacing" to give the feeling that alot of the known space actually are spots here and spots there each connected most probably in-fluff with stable warproutes and not actually a neigbour star system or "zone/sectors" like we imagine borders in RL, ie between germany, austria, belgium and so on. but more like areas of unexplored space seperating one sector with another by huge space swats of areas like our Mediterrainian and Atlantic and Oceanic oceans."


I like his way of thinking. Thoughts? Ideas?


Finally. Anybody is interested to improve it with his or her knowledge of the W40k universe? I can handle the graphic part.

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The Imperium is officially, according to Battlefleet Gothic, arranged in sector cubes measuring 200 light years a side. The source for this is Battlefleet Gothic, page 86 which says



All human-inhabited space is further broken down into sectors, which are most usually cubes of space roughly 200 light years to a side. Each sector is comprised of a number of sub-sectors ranging from ten to twenty light years in diamter, centered on densely populated star clusters, important worlds, or meeting points of various trade routes through the warp. The areas between sub-sectors and sectors - unexplored or uninhabited regions, alien empires, areas inaccessible by the warp etc, - are known as wilderness space or wilderness zones and make up a far greater proportion of the galaxy than that controlled by Humanity.


Since the Milkway Galaxy is considered 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter ( but may be 150,000–180,000 light-years), you could literally fit 500 to 600 sectors across the length of the Imperium's diameter, which really makes -all- fanon maps incapable of being used for accurate measurements. Still useful for general correspondence of directions or nifty handouts though.

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Of course, I'm not gonna make a map with more than X thousand sectors (the thickness of the MW is aprox. 2000 ly), but it's not difficult to make one with all known fan and official sectors (it doesn't matter if we don't know their exactly position).


Anyone? I only need help with names and speculative/known position.  :D

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Heya just wanted to drop buy and again say nice work on your edition! :D And here to support your work towards compiling more zones, getting it more accurate! If you need any help im here so you just got to ask!

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Where is the Antian Sector, of Relic fame ?



love this map just as it is.  my thoughts:



The "200 cubic light years" thing is probably some old dictate from Adeptus Terra.

Nice guideline on paper, means nothing out in the field.



The "more sectors than are shown" doesn't matter to me.

If the sector or subsector was important, it would be on the map now would it not ?

So what you see is worth visiting, what more might be implied in the fluff is just

"bedroom communities and suburbs" for the worthwhile sectors.



The "thickness of the galaxy" doesn't matter to me either.

Similar to the importance thing above,  the reason that 3D sectors don't block each other

from view is because only the most noteworthy or productive sectors are shown.

In other words, the distribution of notable items in the galaxy just happens to lend itself

well to a two-dimensional portrayal.


So yeah, there's this theoretical Ellikon sector just below Armageddon on that map.

Why isn't it on this map ? because it hasn't done anything in recent history to recommend

its inclusion on the basic maps that the adeptus terra provide for us.


do not listen to critics of this map.

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