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Beginning Deck Building Advice (not new to LCGs)

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Evening all. I'm just starting to get into the Cthulhu LCG after a while playing GoT and Netrunner.

I tend to like to build and play themed decks and was looking at the moment at running a miskatonic / agency build for me vs any of the weirdness (my girlfriend seems to prefer the villains for some reason).

I'm working from two core sets, all the summons if the deep and dream lands cycle, order of the silver twilight and Arkham investigations. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

We've had some early games but I'm struggling to come up with some builds that work well together and it's come down to more maths or luck of the draw as opposed to well built decks so far.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the game!  You should be aware that most of the Cthulhu discussion has moved to cardgamedb.com.  You'd have probably had multiple responses with the first hour or two if you posted your question over there instead.


You've got a fair amount to build from, so you should be able to make some reasonable decks.  Let's look first at Miskatonic/Agency.  A good general rule for beginners is about 30 characters and probably a bit more Events than Supports, although this is just a rough template and can vary somewhat.


With what you've got and those two factions, I'm going to start with Anthropology Advisor as both factions contain plenty of Investigators that can benefit from his discount.  We only have 2 copies but that's still good enough to help out quite a bit.  As I browse around for cards, I will particularly be on the lookout for Willpower (because you have no Terror on your team) and other ways to avoid or mitigate this struggle, which may also include just shooting them in the face before they can scare you.  I'm also going to be looking for some Arcane where I can get it, this will mostly have to come from the Miskatonic side.


Here's an example deck I put together:


Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Call of Cthulhu Deckbuilder

Total Cards: (50)
Character: (31)
Support: (8)
Event: (11)


If you can tell me a pair of factions that your girlfriend would like to play I can make a deck for those as well.

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