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Banana's Repaints!

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Well, I've been meaning to do this for quite a while. The lighting sucks, and I've only got one paintbrush to paint these with, but hey. They look good on the table.
Who to start with...


The Rebel Squad! Immediately before S&V came out, I only ever got to play Rebels because everyone else wanted Imps and I hate mirror matches. While the core Imp ships have their fancy red paintjobs (which you'll see later), I wanted something for the ships I was flying. I found a really pretty blue. I like blue.




Also, note my lovely starfield playmat. Woop woop. So I've always loved Y-wings, but until lately they weren't viable. I've been using proxies for months via my X-wing app I wrote on my MS Surface, because I wanted to fly freaking Y-wings, and have them actually be useful. Plus, it can be scum. Yay.




The matching A-wing! I don't fly these guys often. This one specifically has been through a number of repaints and has, sadly, lost a good bit of detail. First he was green. Then green and black. Then a Prototype (which I should still have a pic of on my photobucket...). Then Rebel Aces was announced, so I made him a green again. Now he's this guy! This particular A-wing was my first repainted ship. Or rather, the first thing I had painted, ever.




Ah, the HWK. I hate the Moldy Crow. It's a flying turd, no matter what anyone says! My HWK repaint was actually what inspired these squad colors. I had a different blue originally, and a crappy silver that I made by mixing some cheapo walmart silver with a Citadel black to darken it a bit (that was almost a year ago...wow). While I was painting this squad, I wanted the HWK to match, so I painted over it's crappy cerulean-ish blue with this one, and love it infinitely more now.





B-wings! My babies! Side-note: all my small ships are magnetized. Which makes these guys way more awesome. The guy on the left was the first to fit this paint scheme. It was just gonna be him, but...then I got carried away and the whole squadron. Now I have a buncha guys with these colors. Since I had four B's (only one from aces, sadly) I decided to give a second one a new look too because...let's be honest. Who only flies one B-wing?




Man, are these hard to paint. Sheesh. I don't care a whole lot for this one, because it's just so hard to get right. If I were to go back in time, I probably wouldn't do this X again. But, I really wanted to have one of each Rebel ship flying my colors. So whatever!




The E-wing! This guy was pretty fun, though I didn't really know what to do with it. I literally sat and stared at it for 10 minutes, trying to figure out how to make this thing look not-crappy. Gave it a shot. Didn't wanna relocate anything (yet).

I figured I should at least make it look good for when I fly Corran/Falcon lists.


Speaking of which...





I love this one! I was so happy to somehow find a Falcon/Firespray the day my Scum arrived. Did this that very evening. The lines really get me pumped up for this guy. It's all free-hand, so having them so close to parallel gives me some pride. I just now noticed that blue spot between the claws, though. Dammit. Have to fix that. Inspiration came from those black & yellow hazard lines. I liked them, but don't like yellow. Don't know why, just don't. Wasn't gonna yellow-up my Falcon.


That concludes my Rebel Repaints. Stay tuned!..for like 5 minutes while I upload the other guys.

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Bring out the Imperials!




Remember when I mentioned those Red Imperial ships? Yeah, here's them. I've got another TIE/ln like this, but only wanted to get this group on here. This is the squad my roommate (and sole opponent) usually flies. Vader, Jax, Curse, and...someone who always gets blown up before I care who it is. I painted the TIEs when Imp Aces came out to match the squint (which is unpainted, save for a little wash). I had recently picked up a second TIE/Adv because the Raider was coming out, so I figured I might as well paint that one red too. Might do a bomber, because he likes to throw one of those at me every once in a while. I dunno yet.




Krassis was, for the longest time, the only Firespray worth flying (save for triple BH's). Needless to say, I got sick of him flying Slave I all the time. I really like this one. I washed the hell out of it, because it just deserved to be friggin' dirty. He's a bounty hunter, not the space-pope.




How could a person not paint a Decimator? This thing is booooriiiing. So, I went with the classic red-spikes-of-doom, which...I wanted to do before I saw everyone else do it, I swear. But even that left a bit too much grey. I ended up adding the metallic silver I used on my Rebels, and threw on some black accents. The carbon-scoring you see here was a happy accident caused by my clumsiness and my giant brush. 

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And the Scum!







The twins! My current favorite list to fly because it's just so damned fun. B&D, in Blue and ReD (see what I did there?)  I was actually watching FCB's Scum giveaway game when the decision was made to paint the second red instead of green, and I'm happy I did. It looks great. Once again, they've got the metallic silver, albeit darker this time to match IG-88's cold, dark, robo-soul. Or whatever. Apart from recoloring, I tried to keep it as close to the original design as possible. The accents on the claws are darker, it's just hard to tell in this light. B's blue is original.




The Andrasta. This one, I hold kinda precious. I played X-wing Alliance as a kid, and the Firespray was by far the coolest ship ever. It pissed me off that I never got to fly this one in the campaign. I just had to sit back and watch from my 1300 while Emon flew ahead of me in his glorious death machine.
Yes, it's purple. That's how I remember it, and I'm fairly certain that's how it was in-game too. If not, well, suck it. It'll be unique. My roomie's gf occasionally plays with us and loves Firesprays. This was the third one, so she now flies triple BHs. She's been begging me to paint a FS purple, so when I saw Emon and the Andraste being released for S&V, I knew I had to do it.


That's all folks! Fly casual.

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I noticed the loss of detail on the A-wing before I read what you wrote too.  I do believe you can soak it in thinner and rinse(not in the sink  :o ).  Might have to do it a couple times.  But I'm not sure how the plastic will react to the thinner.  I wouldn't leave it in there for hours.  Someone else may have experience with thinner on these models.

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