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WFRP Dice Print on Demand?

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Are the dice print on demand?  I see the status as being "Awaiting Reprint".  How can I get some real dice to toss around on my gaming table.  The phone apps just don't do it ... I needs the dice.  =)






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The dice are not in reprint.  FFG canceled this game3 years ago and drug out releases for a bit.  They indicated they were completely stopping support, but not giving up the license, to WFRP recently. Sadly, they managed to kill a 25 year successful franchise in just 3 years and now won't relinquish the license..which means not only can you not find dice, NOBODY can get stuff for this game..ever...


Your only bet is to find the dice symbols, print stickers, and put them on some dice.  Otherwise, use one of the dice rollers online.  Best of luck.

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