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Fight or Flight: EoE PbP game recruiting

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Hello everyone,

I am starting a play by post game Edge of the Empire Game and am looking for players. The game will be set in the year 0.5 ABY. Caracters will be allowed from any of the non beta rull sets.


The party will need at the minimum a Mechanic, Doctor or Medic, Face, and a Pilot.


In contect information for the game can be found at  Fight or Flight: IC


Out of contect information can be found at  Fight or Flight: Out of Context 


I am looking for 4-6 players who are familure with the EoE rule set.


So far I have commitments from





Duros spacer.

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Quicksilver is also in shadows AoR game so I am ok with it. I just dont want to detract from his game so if you only have time for one prior commitments win. Please introduce yourself in our OOC thread and feell free to start developing a character.

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