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The battle of Heshik - chapter 1.

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So this could technically be put into battle reports, or even off topic. Basically this chronicles a campaign I am running with a few friends. In the end myself and one guy played Imperials, and two other friends elected to play scum.


Here are the campaign house rules:

All confirmed cards may be proxied, including cards we might not have enough of, or TIE X1 stuff.


If a ship is destroyed, roll an attack dice. on a crit, that pilot may not be used for the rest of the campaign, on a hit it misses the current (or if on last engagement of - next mission) (a mission consists of 1-5 engagements) on a focus, the pilot misses the next engagement, on a blank it's assumed they steered the wrecked ship back to safety/even landed it.


The first mission was 200 points, split on 2 100 point pools, one per player. Each had 100 points to play with, no point sharing. on a 4X3 board. Board had 6 asteroids, and a GR75 obstacle dead centre.


My wingman flew Soontir Fel PTL AT SD. Carnor AT SD wingman and Turr with I think wingman AT SD. I gave him s#$% for not PTLing all 3.


I flew Vessery VI mangler. Darth Vader, EU, Pred, X1/ATC. Tempest X1/AC.


They flew 6 Z-95 binayres with hotshot and munitions, with 1 Z-95 binayre with hotshot, munitions and ion missiles



Guri with bodyguard

and Leatin with steath device.


I don't know all of their upgrades.

Imperials having spent a couple less points total had initiative.


The z-95s deployed in one swarm, I deployed our lowest PS fighter, the Tempest in an opposite corner from them. They deployed their elites (all lower than PS9) facing towards the tempest and away from the Z95s.


The Interceptors, defender and vader deployed together to the right flank, close to the z-95s


Their elites were poorly placed and started bumping each other immediately that guys nickname is now Bandicoot. The tempest made a hard 3 to join the rest of the group - it was behind for a couple turns, but the distraction it gave seperating the elites from the Z-s made it worth its points.


For the first couple turns the interceptor group took a Z out or damaged a Z badly a turn, with vader spotting for the mangler eating a Z a turn easily. The Z-s tried it on the autothruster interceptors out of arc and routinely missed. after a few turns of this  the elites got in.


A tight furball erupted at range 1 from the centre GR towards the scum side of the board, the Defender did a few white K-turns, and while doing all the damage, the Z-swarm turned their hotshots at it. it survived 3 turns with everything shooting at it, but was the first Imperial ship to fall.


Palob forced me to not use focus or evade, I was purely using boost/barrel rolls and target locks. Carnor of course flew right into the furball causing all manner of focus problems for the scum.


Vader had overflown the group but turned. While Carnor was next to die (actually he ejected, and Vessery is fine for next mission rolling a blank) Vader for 2 turns scored all the crits on Palob, first taking his shield down and secondly rolling hit/crit/crit at range 1 then adding the ATC crit, palob is out for the next game.

Guri and the Z-s killed the Tempest, and then Turr (a couple more Z's biting it). Guri Dodged a decent amount of fire before Darth finished her, At this point it's Darth, and unhurt soontir vs a Z, and the 2 Sycks.


Darth had lost 1 shield, played chicken with the Z and toasted it.

 Next couple of turns were either out of arc or didn't hit, Serrissu got darthed after soontir winged her. Leatin and soontir played chicken, each scoring a single hit on the other removing the stealth devices. Cinematically this was really col, in a space samurai way.


However... That left darth to boost up behind leatin for 2 turns and well. Leatin rolled a crit and is out of the campaign.


What we learned.


Leatin with Serrissu +sd +bodyguard is even worse than dark curse. really, really hard to kill. Had to kill the others first to have a chance. Palob is a great psychological tool.

The Starviper is a very solid ship with the segway turns being surprising.

The defender, vader combo is very nice, but that defender can really draw the fire.

Autothrusters are natures response to hotshot lasers, those interceptors were very hard to hit.

Palob has to be a priority, he can really screw up imp plans, and removed focus /evades from the interceptors quite frequently.

The hotshot laser with munitions is good, and will kill hard to kill ships eventually.


Bandicoot hopefully learned to space his ships out more, but then he bumps a lot anyway. Myself and my wingman had very good communication and just about never bumped. The endgame was Leatin vs the 2 nastiest dogfighters in the game, soontir and vader, It was a valiant effort but really against the critmachine that is vader, no.


2 attacks  vs 3 evade favours 3 evade. my wingman and opponents chose not to target lock and instead usually focused or evades. I used TL or TLfocus (usually the latter with DV)


VaderX1ATCEU predator killed every named scum in this game. He is a BEAST.


With the GR75 now secured by imperial forces, the next engagement will be escorting a stormtrooper transport to the ship in a mission VERY similar to the shuttle escort from the rulebook. This was one of the most intense games of X-wing i've had, and an amazing start to a (hopefully) amazing campaign.


The ion missile wasn't used. While my friends thought the vaderX1ATCPredEU was cheap and nasty I pointed out flaws in their techniques. They almost never used target locks, and when they tried to use the missile this was pointed out.

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I forgot to add: in the house rules Rebels and scum can mix (1 player each faction) but buffs cannot apply cross faction. (no biggsing for guri for example). This is to remove some of the more outrageous cross faction possibilities out there. - but also allow rebel ships and the like.


Total casualties in campaign thus far:

Colonel Vessery: forced to escape combat, unharmed and ready for next engagement

Carnor Jax: Sitting in a bacta tank post eject misses rest of mission 1

Tempest: forced to escape combat, unharmed and ready for next engagement (not that it matters as non unique but included for fluff).

Turr Phenir Ejected safely, misses next engagement.


Guri: Forced to escape combat, unharmed and ready for next engagement.

Palob: Ejected safely, misses next engagement.

Serrissu: Sitting in a bacta tank post eject. - misses rest of mission 1

Leatin: KIA.


The Z-95s were not really counted as all basic generics. I think 2 were KIA, 2 were blank so ready for next mission / forced to exit combat, and a couple more ejected. 1 after finishing on an asteroid.

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Sounds like a lot of fun!  


I'm interested to see how the pilot-death rules affect how people use generics.  For example, Biggs' usefulness in the long-term is not great if he's going to die each time you play.  


Looking forward to seeing more thematic play from you guys!

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Ok so: Adjusted the campaign rules so that generics are no longer unlimited - 2 banana pirates are dead from the last engagement - basically however many unaltered pilots of that pilot card can fit into 100 points = how many generics are available. On a hit/crit they die, evade/blank they live, bit simpler than 'heroes'.



We completed this chapter with two more engagements on friday, on the first mission the Imperials and 125 points had to escort transport epsilon to the disabled GR75. Eclipse squadron handled this, fielding Soontir and 5X alpha against scum 4X black sun enforcer. Black sun managed to kill the eclipse stormtrooper transport, losing 3 Star Vipers (with 1 being KIA) Imperials took no losses, The Scum had to- and did focus everything on the transport to win. Soontir's usual wingmen, Carnor and Turr were sitting in the med bay while this was going on.


Because the Scum were able to prevent the capture, the grew of the GR75 were able to repair their ship, they attempted to leave the asteroid field to exit to hyperspace. Colonel Daryuz deemed it appropriate to take command of the engagement personally from the VT49 Decimator - retribution, along with 5 TIE L/N's (Black squadron, Ruthless). Again, all fire was focused on the objective, I lost 3 TIEs, with two fatalities, but the GR75 couldn't avoid damage from the constantly target locking Decimator. My opponent also decided the TIE's were somehow more of a threat and concentrated on those. Obviously this proved to be a mistake, the GR75 had by the end 6 crits on it, and it fell to parts.


With this chapter currently more or less at a tie, with the Imperials failing to secure the freighter, but the Scum failing to save the precious cargo the scum team had a choice. They could send a team to try securing the wreckage, retrieving precious cargo and destroying the nav computer, or they could call it a loss, and hope the empire don't investigate. In game terms - 200 point battle, but if imperials win on a hit or a crit they find the crucial data informing them of the location of pirate bases. Or take a risk, and on a crit, the Imperials get the data. The Scum did not wish to risk resources on this battle and gambled on the Imperials not 'critting',


An Imperial probe team was sent to the wreckage as an afterthought, not caring to look too deeply, a [hit] was rolled, no data was found and the wreckage was left to float among the asteroid field.


Imperial Task force Adjudicator for the start of the next chapter are sending Black Omega and Eclipse deeper into the asteroid field on a force recon patrol, perturbed that so many pirates have been seen emerging from the field...

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This is fantastic, I'm working on a campaign that uses both IA and xwing, along with static pilots/ground troops. gonna use your pilot survival dice in my game now for ground and space combat. might use the basis of this mission as well, great flavor. Can't wait to read more.

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This is fantastic, I'm working on a campaign that uses both IA and xwing, along with static pilots/ground troops. gonna use your pilot survival dice in my game now for ground and space combat. might use the basis of this mission as well, great flavor. Can't wait to read more.


I cannot and will not take entire credit for the survival Dice. That was another post on this forum by Gadge I think, I merely modified his rules for my purposes. This said, thanks! I'll be posting the results for the next chapter when I get them(hopefully friday).


Chapter 2 will be a short chapter basically focusing on the Imperial force recon incursion, it's 3 fairly bland 200 point dogfight engagements. Possibly 2x 200 point and 1x 300 point - Scum have the option to field a Rebel CR90, but if they do it knocks the battle to 300 and Imperials see it on scanner and therefore know about it during set up.

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