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GM problems

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This game is the second time I have GMed, it has been a long time since I Gmed a game of any kind, I have had a problem running combat tho I will take my falcon and the TIE's with me to show space combat.


I feel that I kept messing up combat.


Any Ideas?

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I had a real issue at the beginning with Space combat and general face to face combat.


I decided to sit down with 1 or 2 of my players and setup an arena. Just fight after fight until things went how i expected.


So just have 1 or 2 people sit down and draw it out on notebook or printer paper and see what happens. Be sure to have the rule book open and ask lots of questions/challenge every decision.


After 45 minutes to an hour of each type of combat it makes a bit more sense. Also for the first few sessions you may get it wrong but that isn't horrible or life ending. Just make a decision, move on then research, try again.


Honestly though the arena/sandbox idea was one of the best things i did for my group.

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