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I'm very new to Talisman, having only discovered it in the last month or so, however I have become pretty addicted to it. I only have the main game set at present but am looking to get an expansion or two very soon. Is there any kind of order to which I should get the expansions or if not, does anybody have any recommendations as to which ones I should get first?



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1st Expansion City or Reaper.

City if you want an additional board. It is way different than the other expansions, adds a lot of new items and stuff!

Reaper expansion if you want a small expansion and no board. The Reaper adds more basic Adventure cards and a cool NPC character that runs around.

Next for an additional board I recommend the Highlands. Its great for beginning leveling and gets you gold for the city!

If you want a small expansion next, and already have the Reaper but don't have City, I recommend the Sacred Pool. As it gives not only great basic Adventure cards but also items from a stable deck you can purchase without having the city. If you do have the City I would recommend Frostmarch next as it also has a generic addition to the Adventure deck.

The next board expansion I suggest is the new Woodland expansion. It also is different than the others, though not like the City and I think it's fairly safe for low level characters. But it has a unique game play which seems fun.

The next board expansion I recommend is the Dungeon. It is for higher level leveling.

Next I recommend the newest expansion, Deep Realms which connects the City & Dungeon.

If you have the small expansions I listed above, I next recommend the Nether realm. This is a new different kind of expansion and gives you a really cool alternate ending, Pandora's Box.

The rest I would get in this order:

Firelands: has some really cool effects. And can be very dangerous if you have few expanions to water it down.

Bloodmoon: A very Halloweenish type expansion. Very strong in theme. I like the theme but only in the fall. It also has a game changing effect of creating day/night. In the day players get a +1 in battle at night enemies get a +1. You also get a werewolf NPC and Lycanthropy effects. I use only about 1/3 of the expansion (I don't use +1/-1 nor Lycanthropy). Others like it, but there is a strong percentage who think its fiddly.

The Dragon Expansion: Perhaps the most controversial expansion. About half the people do not like it. So lots of people play it with variations or house rules. It comes with a board, but it is an overlay for the center replacing part of the main board. I hated the expansion until I created a new way to play it, and now enjoy it a lot!

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I ordered the reaper expansion, see how I get on with that first. Thanks a lot for the advice, didn't spot that previous thread  :)

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