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Crimson Vessery

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Col Vessery 35

  Heavy Laser Cannon 7

  Total: 42


Royal Guard Pilot 22 x2

  Push the Limit 3 x2

  Royal Guard Interceptor 0 x2

  Autothrusters 2 x2 

  Targeting Computer 2 x2

  Total: 58


Just something I'm thinking about. Looking for opinions. 

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I think this is a solid build to maximize Vessery. I love builds like this, but you still face some vulnerability to arc dodgers, especially Whisper. Of course there isn't too much you can do about that other than getting cheaper ships as Vessery wingmates that you can try and block a Phantom with.


I always wanted to try 4 Academies with Targeting Computer (14X4= 56 PTS) and then using a point on Determination on Vessery for a little added possible survivability and putting you at 99. The TIEs are much more vulnerable than the Interceptors, but can mitigate a Arc Dodgers dominance quite a bit.


The other option for more elusiveness is going to 2 Alpha Interceptors with Targeting Computer and then you can fit an Academy with Targeting Computer. The extra ship might help more than the upgrade to PTL Royal guards is worth.

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