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an escalation list

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Hello all.

I am tinkering with the final details of an escalation list (60/90/120/150)

Following rules are in effect.

everything carries over and stays on the same ship. I can go below the points minimum to "save points" for next round. Say if I submit 50 pts list for 60 I can add 40 for 90.

This is the list I have thought about



Chiraneu (decimator)  + expose + weapons engineer + ysanne Isard + Experimental interface # a very solid gun boat - I have a feel that many people will try to establish their "capital ship" so I expect 1-3 ships mostly and I think  turrent mounted 4 6 attack is going to do good here


adding two obsidian squad tie figther - Leaving me 4 pts below mark and almost ensuring me initiative. I am running Obs. squadron as I feel that the added pilot skill will be an advantage if I run into another swarm -


adding Howlrunner with swarm tactics and another obsidian squad - basically I have a huge gunboat and a "slightly smaller, but slightly better tie swarm)

150 -adding another two obsidians for a total of 145 - I have 5 pts left (nb if I downgrade to academy pilots I would have 10 pts  by now - not enough for an additional figther - but I could then spend more on upgrades. What to do.



Now to my question.


The final five pts - what should they be used on?
I am considering a stealth device for Howlrunner -and possibly a moff jerrod on the decimator-

But do you guys have better ideas?


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I know you're excited about flying that 60 point big ship in round one, but please refer to the rules:




The maximum squad points for each player’s first squad is 60 points. A squad cannot exceed 60 points, though it may contain fewer than 60 points. Each player must field at least two ships

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