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Outer Atlantic Fleet

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Hi !

I ve bought a varnish mat spray but i ve never used it. All of my ship aren't varnish for the moment. I will probably use the spray on the huge ship like the transport or the tantive i m working on.


For the tie panel it's a layer of grey, nuln oil with water on all the grey, then when it's half-dry, i put some nul oiln in the corner and along the structure to make some shadow and contrast.

Then i put some thin lines of the original grey in the center of the panel to highlight a bit.

And finally a light light dry brush to highlight the relief straight lines.


For the damage on the wings, i take a wire cutter to cut the form and then, with a xacto, i try to "refine".

Some imperial primer with water, and hop ! It's done :)

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Hello ! No worries for the stealing, my Police skill is not available out of France ;)


for the main body, it's black and 2 dry brush of grey and light grey. With some really thin line of grey/white.

For the panel it's dark brown, then wash of nuln oil , then 1 dry brush of dark brown, onatoher of skrag brown and finally a small one of sand color ( don't remeber the name ).


I know i have said that before, but i m on the point to make a tutorial for easy painting technics. 


I will start with a hawk and if it had some viewers ( not only me ^^ ) i will make others ;)

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I've got an all black Advanced on my table.. just haven't figured out what to do with it.. I like your concept with the grey and the paneling colored with brown... I may give the grey a try, and maybe go blue with the panels on it.. I also like the red details on the front. I also think I'm goint to find a place to put port and starboard lights for it.. maybe some white running lights for the bottom also.. ahh.. the fun you can have with paint.. lol

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