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The RPG Dork Night online group is looking for some new players!

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Hey guys!  The RPG Dork Night is looking for a few new regular players to join our game(s).  


When we play:  Monday Nights 6-7pm EST start time running approximately 3 hours, every 3-4 weeks.  Occasionally a Sunday night game might happen as well.


There will be different ongoing games being run at times, so we tend to schedule our games around the idea of 1 session every 3-4 weeks.  Right now there are 4-5 GMs in the group and some campaigns may rotate the task of GM from time to time.   Being able to GM is NOT a requirement, right now we are mainly just looking for committed players.  We are planning to try to keep our game sessions at 3 hours long.  Some games may have a certain theme or concept, some may just be a sandbox, and yet some may be simply a one-shot.  We broadcast our games live on google Hangouts and archive them to YouTube on our channel, so a webcam 

and decent mic/headset is a must.


About us:  Some of us have been playing RPGs for a long time, some of us are brand new.  We range in ages from teenager to mid 40's.  We are very easy going and like to joke around.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just have fun playing the game.  We do want players to be engaged with the games we run though.  Not everyone has to play every session, life happens, but if you are in a campaign game we prefer regular participation.  We encourage a lot of communication both within and outside the game.  We have places for members to communicate with each other and discuss the games or anything else gaming related, we want you to use it!   We are open to all ideas and criticisms from our players.  Because we are all here to have fun, if something isn't fun to you, we want to know.  Everyone is taking time out of life to sit down online with each other and play a game, we expect everyone to respect that and try to make the best use of that time.  


So here's the deal:  If you are interested in joining us and being a regular member of the group, email me the answers to a few easy questions, and we'll take in as many as we can.


1:  How long have you been playing RPG's and what are some of your favorite systems if Edge isn't your first or only?


2:  What's your greatest or most favorite RPG moment?


3:  What's your least favorite moment (or best RPG horror story)?


4:  What kind of gameplay is MOST fun to you?  Action/Roleplay/Puzzle-solving/Dark/Horror/Comedy  (Any combination)


5:  Age, Gender, family/kids?  (or if you think that's too personal just tell us to "Slag off! none of yer business nerds")


So if you're interested, send your answers to our Email here, and we'll hit you back.  




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