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Demons, could I get some info?

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So as far as i know I've got all of the books that have been translated. I've been reading and I've gotten a little bit of information on Demons, but i could only find a sentence or two about demons and who is a demon from the beyond the dreams book.

is there a page that I've missed in one of the books? I'm looking for more information about Tiamat, and other demons. but mainly I'm looking for information on the race. it says that demon is a race (likely not playable) but i have no information on what they're capable of or anything about them besides a note about the lost ruins being their home or something.


i often read things here on fantasy flight games, optional rules and home-brews are some of the funnest things here in anima, they really add to the game. and i think we can all thank a certain person for that (Elric), I've been pouring through the fantasy flight forum posts but as you may know there are quite a bit, so if there is something about the demons, or a home-brew about the demons i haven't found it yet. if somebody knows about a post already, or knows a page in one of the books that gives any more information id really appreciate it.


What i know already, Tiamat is a demon who gives birth to demons, sometimes they're her lovers, Morrigan is a demon, wrath and pride are alive and are demons, Malachi is a Demon of some renown. and thats it, thats all from beyond the dreams. Id appreciate any and all information on them, nothing is too boring or useless. thank you


Correction: i am still missing those who walked amongst us

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Yeah, Those who Walked Among Us has the info on the races in general. As to the specific ones, I would say they are leaving it up to the GMs to tailor them as needed for their campaigns as needed.

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So since there is no Demon race (as far as i know) id like to try and create one as a playable race. now this is only a possible Race depending on the work here on the forums, is anyone interested in helping with this?

I've designed this based off the Fafnr home-brew race. i feel there may be a little bit too much on him, but hey what do i know this is my first time creating a race. ANY advice, critiques, modifications you think of PLEASE let me know. and if this just seems too impossible to achieve ill stop modifying it.


Armors Curse: Demons cannot wear armors while in their fiendish form. If forced into an armor, the Demons body immediately damages the armor. If a demon doesn’t want to develop any wear armor ability, he can exchange both his Strength and any Class Bonus to the Wear Armor ability with an equivalent bonus to his Life Points.

Blood Bonds: Due to their chaotic nature Demons have a hard time reproducing with other races  besides demons. as if it weren't hard enough, Demons usually die during childbirth because of their Birthmother being weak, the mother dies as well.Thus, they can only choose Blood Bonds from the following list: Kagutsuchi’s Blood, Rudraska’s Blood, Toa’s Blood, Pandemonium’s Blood (and Shadow Child), Sephira’s Blood, Uroboros’ Blood, Eternal Blood, Natural Weapons (which does not count as a Blood Bond for them), Orochi's Blood, Avatar’s Blood, Latent Blood. Demon’s Blood has a special Bonus, spending additional CP increases the amount of additional rules gained by 1 (every 1 CP spent gives 2 rules)

Children of The Burning Abyss: demons only suffer half damage from Fire and Darkness effects. Demons cannot buy any Vulnerable to Heat or Darkness Disadvantages.

Demon Skin: Demons have an AT3 Physical Armor and an AT2 Mystical Armor. Demons may spend DPs to further buy Physical Armor and Mystical Armor, with the limits of Gnosis described in the Increasing Power Section.

Demonic Form: Every Demon can Shapechange their form between demonic and human form, a demon is more powerful in their demonic form.  They have full use of all of their racial powers and supernatural abilities. as a side effect their skin either is black or red and they reduce their appearance by 2.

Human Form: Demons can shapechange their form to that of a humanoid being of the chosen race and same sex, but they reduce their size by 2 points. While in Human Form, they don’t have any of their racial powers or restrictions. It takes a full turn shapeshifting from one form to the other, and it is an active action.

Increasing Power: Demons  can buy selected Creature Powers (described elsewhere) as if they were beings with a Gnosis of 15. The Gnosis Limit goes up to 20 at Level6, 25 at Level11, and 30 at Level16. Their actual Gnosis is not affected by this rule and they are always considered as Natural Beings.

Natural Weapons: Demons have natural weapons with a Base Damage of 40 or 60, depending on their Size.

Fiendish Form: acts similarly to demonic form. Same as the others it requires a full turn transformation. A player can only activate fiendish form after sacrificing 30 LP, life points lost this way recover at the rate of sacrificed life points. In this form the Demon receives a +1 str, +1 dex bonus, and receives a +30 to All Actions including Initiative. If the player Has natural Weapons increase their damage by 20 points, if the player has Natural Flight, increase their flight value by one degree. and they get a special +40 to Intimidation checks. This form Lasts 30 seconds and it cannot be reverted until the 30 seconds is over. if the player has Demons Blood increase the duration to 1 minute instead.

Infernal Power: Demons have +1Str, +1 Dex, +1Con, +1Pow,  and +1Per.

Resistant: Demons have +20 to their Magic Resistance and +20 to their Physical Resistances. Demons may spend DPs as creature to further increase these two Resistances, with the limits of Gnosis described in the Increasing Power Section.

Extremely Variable Powers: Demons can spend DPs to buy the following creature powers as if they had a gnosis of 15 (can be increased as explained earlier), Natural Weapons, Increased Damage, Increased Critical, Special Trap, Natural Flight, Physical Resistances, Physical Armor, Additional Attacks, Increased Reaction, Damage Energy, Armor Modifier, Special Attack, Poisonous Attack, Added Mystical Effect, Independent Attack, Retarded Attack, Disguised Attack, Reflect Attacks, Natural Distance Weapon, Random Additional Attacks, Damage Reduction, Defensive Style, Shield, Incremented Special Attack, Special Movements, Automatic Transport, Increased Movement, Mystical or Psychic Resistance, Innate Magic, Innate Psychic Ability, Aura, Special Means of Vision, Special Senses. Mystical Armor, Permanent Effect, Supernatural Mastery, Natural Magic.

Level Modifier: +3.

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