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Mission Impossible Dark Heresy Plots

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Ok, so I'm running a game at the moment. The PCs are all acolytes in good standing of one Inquisitor Drake who has just got himself dead. His interrogator, a chap called Lucius is put in charge of tidying up the dead inquisitors affairs and he has organised all the acolytes into teams.  The PCs have been put in a team together and told that they will be running missions without official sanction. They will have no ID, no authority and no backup. If captured they are expected to chant their suicide catechisms rather than face interrogation.


The early missions will see them recovering evidence that the inquisitor left lying around, "retiring" acolytes who didn't make the cut, closing down the dead inquisitors operations and generally tidying up after him. After that I have a good idea of where its going to go with a stronger meta plot but presented in a set of discreet missions.


What I am after here is some good missions for a team of un-sanctioned inquisitorial agents to be given that would involve tidying up the inquisitors affairs. I have seven already, but I really don't like one of my own ideas and damned if I can think of another.


Things I have so far (any of my players, please look away now)

1. retire some acolytes deemed "unreliable"

2. recover evidence and kill the police that have seen it (train heist!)

3. Silence the leak without killing him

4. Escort the high value agent back off Malfi, while she is pursued by assassins

5. Raid an orbital facility and mothball it

6. Don't have a number 6 yet

7. Visit safe houses and clear them of evidence


Most of these have twists and other exciting developments that I don't really want to go into here just in case my sneaky players are reading. Its number 6 that lacks something. It was previously taking over a planetary campaign against a cult on an agri-world but I couldn't think of a way to make it work so I'm dropping it.


We have played through mission 1 so far, where my PCs showed an apptitude for explosives and throwing people out of flying valkyries, we are now halfway through the train heist where they have used poison gas to slaughter a carriage full of people on a massive land train.


Any ideas?

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1. Retire acolytes deemed to much of a risk. These can include high ranking nobility or even a sororitas if the inquisitor was of a certain radical bent


2. Decent enough.


3. is servitor fodder counted as killing? That comes down to the player's ingenuity.


4. Lucky Number Slevin


5. Mothball? More like napalm and watch as it burns in the atmosphere.


6. Take care of the inquisitor's on and off again love interest/consort/companion


7. If clearing of evidence involves fire and explosives. This might be exceedingly dangerous if the inquisitor had a safe room in a rogue trader's ship.


The last mission should be something the players discover the inquisitor always wanted. Take care of Lucius, permanently.

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Hey Gribbel,

I have read this before, haven´t I? You already had such a request up in this part of the forums a long time ago. You dropped the ideas provided there, I guess?

Another option: the Interrogator got hold of a Message intended for the Inquisitor. It seems that he once intiated some black market deal (under disguise) and the one he sealed the deal with has signaled now that "the ware has been acquired. We expect you to show up at X to discuss the details of the exchange".

What was it that the Inquisitor had tried to claim? Who was he dealing with? The PC are send to find out. Make this a very delicate affaire with the characters dealing with some middle men at first...who want to know if "the second half of the payment" is ready. How will the characters act if the way the conversation goes indicates that it is not COIN but something else entirely...something not so easy to fake possessin off (perhaps two dozen of human slaves?). And what if the thing to be handed over isn´t just a small box or an item but something much harder to disguise or transport? How to deal with the local law enforcement? How to get it off the planet? Especially after the local crime scene got betrayed by the characters (or did they managed to come up with the price? Doubtful)

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