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IG88C and escort

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What do you think about this list? What would you change? Have in mind i only (will) own 1 copy of each expansion


100 points


IG88-C (45)

Aggressor (36),

Push the Limit (3),

Advanced Sensors (3),

Inertial Dampeners (1),

Autothrusters (2)


Prince Xizor (31)

Binayre Pirate (12) x 2

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I like Xizor over Guri....in the right list.   Is this list that list?  I'm not sure.  Xizor is best when you can splash your damage all over the place.  That list is a bit light on the filler that goes well with Xizor.  I might recommend Guri in this case.  Maybe even Guri with Bodyguard?  Give the extra green die to IG-88 or even a Z-95.  Or just keep it for the defense.  Or even go with Calculation and a TL? 

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