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travel confusion

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Here's how it works.


When you spend an action to Travel, you can move to any space that is connected to yours, using any kind of path you want.


After this first move, you may spend ship or train tickets (as many as you have) to move one additional space per ticket spent (this is all part of the same Travel action).  When using tickets in this way, the path you want to take must match the color of your ticket. If you are in a location and there are no ship paths leading away from it, you cannot spend a ship ticket to move from there.


The uncharted paths can never be traversed using tickets, because they are not ship or train paths.  You will need to use your initial movement of your Travel action to take those paths (unless there is some card or ability that specifically allows you to move along an uncharted path).


Don't forget, there is a limit -- each investigator cannot have more than two tickets at any time.

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