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New Player Question: Can you flip over monsters before combat starts

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Hello all :)


Question that came up at our second game of EH. We had 2 monsters on a space.  Investigator started their Encounter Phase on that space and had to pick which monster to begin combat.  She asked if she could look at the back of the monster cards in order to figure out what would be the easiest monster to fight first.


Is this allowed?  Certainly dual face cards (Conditions, spells) you can't flip over because the backs vary, but this feels more like penalizing new players for not knowing monster stats.




~ JiS

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The Reference Guide, page 7 has the answer to your question.


Information that is hidden:


* The back of double-sided cards like Spells and Conditions

* The order and specific cards in any deck

* The front of clues in the clue pool and gates in the gate stack

* Mythos cards that have been returned to the box


Everything else is not hidden.  The reference guide specifically calls out the following as examples of open information:


* The back of monster tokens

* Cards in discard piles

* Information on the back of investigator sheets

* Information on the back of the Ancient One sheet

* Information on clues in the discard pile or held by an investigator

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What they said.

I like to use the fact that monster sides are not secret (and could thus be placed however you like) to streamline the Mythos phase by placing monsters with reckonings text up, and monsters without relevant text pic-up.

That way I see at a glance where I need to resolve something. Seems easier to see to me than relying on the tiny reckoning symbols in the corner.

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