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Wages of Rebellion

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Actually the soldiers of the American Revolution largely went unpaid at the end of the war, the same occurred for the standing army created for the War of 1812, Spanish American War, Civil War and World War I.  Our nation had a history of paying wartime soldiers low wages with promises of additional pay and benefits after the wars and then conveniently forgetting about those commitments at wars end, its just not largely taught in our educational systems.

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I've pointed this out before, but it's an actual Rebellion, not a Resistance or Revolution. The Rebel Alliance has actual planets as members.

Resistance: The French during WWII for example; the state itself is subjugated but members of the populace continue to oppose even after the government cedes control.

Revolution: The Russians overthrowing their Tzar in 1917 for example; the people of a state rise up against their own governance and overthrow it. (A failed or not yet complete Revolution is an uprising or intifada)

Rebellion: Libyans throwing off Italian rule in 1943 for example.

These are the common political meanings of the terms. They blur of course, especially between Revolution and Rebellion because a rebellion in an occupied / subjugated state so often begins with the people not the government. But generally Revolution is own against own (French revolution, Russian revolution, Peasants Revolt), a rebellion is commonly own against an other (Irish against English occupiers, Algeria kicking out the French, etc.)

The Rebel Alliance is a multi-world effort. It undoubtedly tends toward the Rebellion end of the spectrum and that means many regular armies and navies will be members at the direction of their rebellious governments. These people are soldiers. They will expect to be paid. They may understand that there will be disruptions to their pay, but they are essentially paid workers.

Members who are more resistance fighters or terrorists active in Imperial territories will likely be politically motivated. They may and probably do receive funds from outside to do their work but are not "paid". Those in the navies and militaries are likely to receive wages, imo. It might be in "Alliance Credits", but they will get paid. If you're fighting a war, you can't afford to use only that minority willing to put your cause ahead of the well-being of their family and loved ones or even themselves. You need to get the actual military on your side, not just volunteers. You need to do everything you can to make fighting for you not to also be a decision to abandon your dependents.

Islamic State is about as politically (religious) motivated a revolution as you're going to find. And one of their primary aims is to secure funding some of which they use to pay their soldiers. (They acquire their funding largely from Saudi Arabia and Qatar but they're trying to become self-sustaining and they hit the banks as primary targets in the areas they occupy along with seizing oil fields). They certainly pay their foreign fighters a wage and native fighters either get a wage or get to take a cut. If Islamic State who are hugely ideology-driven pay their fighters, it's hard to imagine that a Rebel Alliance of worlds and displaced militaries would not.

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