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Well, i prefer to go with the EU-Kessel, the only good thing KJA did for Star Wars.

And it is the version that FFG goes with.


1 small planet that had taken damage and turned into a potato.

At the end of one stable hyperspace corridor,

guarded with imperial ships,

surrouned with interstellar phenomena that make astrogation hell,

occupied by guards and prisoners,

who have to work in total darkness to mine the glitterstim.

Now that sounds like a prison you don't want to get sent to.



Not that boring 08/15 just-another-terrestial planet in Rebels. Why, Filoni, why?

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I know this is sci-fantasy, but as a Planetary Science graduate, I feel obligated to note that under no definition can a body incapable of generating sufficient gravity to make itself round during accretion be called a planet.  Indeed, by most planetary science definitions (as opposed to the astronomy definition) the ability to become round is the definition of a planet.


Alright, back to smuggling.



We would have to figure out what it's mass and density is.  Wookipedia says it is several THOUSAND km in diameter.... which would make it almost the same size as earth. which does NOT seem right.  6-7 thousand METERS sounds better.


But then I got to thinking.  What would make such a large object NOT have hydrostatic equilibrium?  maybe Some cataclysmic event that blew it up after it was tectonically dead and solid?  maybe something "on the other side" spit it out of the maw.  Which would explain the weird native aliens that inhabit the spice mines

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