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Travel Times

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OK, Galaxy Guide 6 may be your friend if you really want to get to the nitty gritty - just make sure your players want that. Not everyone wants to play in Star Wars: The Economic Menace.


If they do though, try these on for size:



Entering Hyperspace - 1 Cell

Six Hours in Hyperspace - 1 Cell

Month of Real-Space Ops - 1 Cell

One Hour of Combat Maneuvers - 1 Cell

One Hour of Atmospheric Flight - 1 Cell

Blasphemy how dare you bring in the scourge of all RPG systems in to thread! Don't you know WEG was the worst thing to happen to TGFFA?   :P  I'm just antagonizing  all the WEG haters out there for a little fun.


I actually love this book! I don't think it is very accurate, but man, it has some great ideas in it and at the time really brought a lot to the game and the universe. 

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I did look at that Hooly, but its not what im really after.


Im not trying to add mechanics to the game, im going to keep that narrative, I just wanted a reasonable time frame from which I can work my narrative from.


So far I think 2 months for a 'regular cross galaxy trip' seems a nice number to work on.

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Do what's best for what works best for your game - that's my motto :)


The mechanics I mention in my link are more for me. I have a full list of jump difficulties for my sector, so I'll do the rest on the fly if required.

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