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Hi all,


I've been seeing a lot of posts recently asking about where people are and if people are available to play EotE/AoR/F&D in a certain area. To make it easier to find players in a certain area I came up with the idea to have a list with people writing where they live (preferably only the state, town if you want to). 




1.) Write down the state you live in/area of the country you live in.


*Optional* 2.) Write the town/city you live in.



If somebody speaks up and says that they live in your area, then you can private chat them the specifics of where you live; It's not a good idea to give your address publicly to the internet.


I live in Maine




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By the way, I know that members can view the profiles of people, which includes their location, but this is mostly for the people that don't have FFG accounts. It's also just more convenient this way.  :)

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