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help with some bits

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Have got some questions that i can't find answers to, if someone can help clear a few it would be appreciated

On the stormtrooper card is it 3 hits (health) per trooper?

Blank white dice result, does this mean all damage is taken or avoid? I can't find what it means even checked the ref book

Imperial class cards/rebel...i choose one of these decks and take the lower cost card, but when this is used do we draw anymore? Is it once at the end of ever turn?

All in all i enjoy this game but find it difficult to just pick up and play unlike other games, 4 rule books and all the cards just boggles my head.

Thanks for any answers to these

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Each figure in the stormtrooper group has the health listed. (3 in the case of regulars, 5 in the case of elites)


Blank white die face is equal to a "zero" result, this defense die roll provided no mitigation.


Your class cards are placed on the table, and used as they are written. Some of them you "exhaust" (which means their effect can only be used once per round), others are "depleted" (which means they can only be used once per mission), others have an ongoing effect that is constantly in play, others are "attachments" which only affect the deployment group they are attached to.


As the players gain XP, they spend the XP in the Campaign Upgrade phase to buy more cards.

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