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One of my players came into tonight's session with some stellar character portraits

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Okay, so I knew this guy could draw, but couldn't believe the final results that showed up in my inbox tonight. So, here they are:




This is Daro Tane. He's an ex-Imperial pilot who was on the bad end of an ISB experiment gone wrong, and was left abandoned on a planet on the fringes of Wild Space for years. He's a little socially awkward, but has keen survival and medical skills, is a good pilot, and can be counted upon to place an expert blaster bolt or two. Daro's player is also the artist; I am now intensely encouraging him to put up a Deviant Art or something. Daro Tane eventually left the backwater planet he was marooned on when an entrepreneur named Arend Shen arrived with the purpose of hunting some big game. He was impressed with the ex-Imperial's skills and offered him a job on his security staff. Daro refused, but Shen brought him back to the core worlds anyway, knowing that the pilot would always owe him a favor. Don't spoil it for my characters, but I'm sure a lot of you might be aware of how Shen might seek to reclaim that favor later on in the campaign. 




Next up is the party's Outlaw Technician, Kodo Pruwan. He used to belong to a Swoope gang called the Blood Twin Suns on Tantooine, and now he uses his mechanical expertise to support the other player's during their raids. Tends to be a bit of a scumbag, has no reservations about getting into some space, and has made his career out of manipulating droid parts. He, like Daro above him, is wearing some stolen laminate armor from the Beginner Box campaign. On the table beside him is his faithful droid companion, KP-515, a quirky and sentient battle droid that he purchased from a roving band of Jawas. KP-515 has a few programming bugs left in him. Originally built for covert operations during the time of the Clone Wars, KP's time with the Jawas taught him how to "salvage" just about anything that wasn't bolted down, and that critical impulse gets him and the party into trouble more often than not. It was that impulse, actually, that put KP into the shape he appears in the photo. He just had to have that Trandoshan's jewel-encrusted vibro-knife, and now Kodo has to put him back together. The party is considering using synthskin to convert KP into a replicant, thus arousing less suspicion. 



Finally, I present to you Captain Ohk, the bloodthirsty Trandoshan who was a former member of the Blackscale Clan who became dishonored and was forced to live as a gladiator under Teemo the Hutt. He escaped from the palace with the rest of the party, and then returned to ensure that the Wookie that used to humiliate him in the pits would no longer live to disgrace his honor as a warrior. The pelt around his neck belongs to Lowhhrick from the EOTE Beginner Game. Ohk, along with the rest of the crew, came into the employ of an Ithorian pirate on a ship known as the Seventh Endeavor. After causing a ruckus among the crew, Ohk led a mutiny aboard the vessel, and claimed it for his own. Unfortunately, due to his brutal methods, some misplaced trust on Ohk's part in some of the NPCs aboard the Endeavor, and the far-too-often underhanded actions of his cohorts, it looks like the ship's crew has turned mutinied against the new leadership as well-- just as the party was about to finish their salvage run on a top-secret Imperial research facility. 


Man, just finished tonight's campaign and completely on cloud nine about this whole thing. I've GMed games for 15 years; never have I had as much fun as I've been having with this crew. 

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wow, just wow. among many other things, being able to draw like this is something i wish i could do

Start with stick figures... then continue from there... after about 5 years of full-time effort, you'll be at the level (yes, that is 10,000 hours).

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