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New to Rogue Trader

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so i'm looking to pick up rogue trader and run it for my gaming group


although warhammer 40K isn't new to me and some members of my group, rogue trader is


so i am wonder if i need anything more than the core rulebook and a basic adventure path?


also what would be a good adventure path to start with?


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Into the Storm is usually the first supplement people purchase, because it's a little more of everything.

You could get a whole book of ship stuff with Battlefleet Kronus, but Into the storm has some ship stuff.

You could pick up the Navis Primer but Into the storm has some Navigator and Astropath stuff.

And Into the Storm has vehicles and the same sort of weapons, armor, and equipment you found in the core book.


The only Adventure Path I've purchased is Lure of the Expanse, but many of the books have at least a short adventure in them, and there's a moderate to short one in the Game Master's Kit. Fair warning, if you're used to systems that lay out every single encounter and step in a scenario you'll probably be frustrated by how vague the printed adventure paths can be in Rogue Trader. If on the other hand you can put your own together and work well by the seat of your pants, they're pretty good,

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Into the Storm is crucial. It has the most extra character building option along with piles of other stuff.


Battlefleet Koronus greatly expands ship options but isn't quite as essential. Get it if you love ship combat or massed warfare.


Hostile Acquisitions has tonnes of material about the dodgier angles of rogue trading.


Navis Primer has a few solid pieces like info about navigator houses but is mostly full of horribly broken messes of rules. I recommend against picking it up.


Faith and Coin has a few broken classes but isn't awful overall. Lots on the religious aspects, not as much on trading,


Edge of the Abyss has solid background and quite a few details on enemies.




Lure of the Expanse is great fun. I loved playing it.


Soul Reaver is great if you like Dark Eldar. I'm running it currently and we're having a blast. Haven't tried DE characters though.

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