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Looking at the back of the box, I see that the game requires 2 FF Green packs.


So I get the game opened, and I'm sleeving away, and I get to the Green sized cards.  It seems to be a pretty average sized deck of cards - why does it need 2 packs of sleeves?  


Lo and behold, there are 51 cards of that size.  1 more sleeve than is in a pack.


I think it's time you guys start saying how many of each card, by size, are in the box, in addition to how many packs of sleeves are needed.  I happen to have an extra pack of Green sleeves already, so I didn't need to buy 2 packs of sleeves, but I had no way of knowing that until I opened the game.


Listing 5 Invasion Plan cards, 28 Tech cards, 32 Crisis cards, etc, tells me nothing about their size.

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